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20:11 < dbpatterson>  /msg NickServ identify star5537
20:15  * dbpatterson needed to change his password anyway
20:21 < stepcut> :)
20:22  * stepcut guesses it's time to update the password to star5538
21:37 < dbpatterson> does anyone have a good guide or some example code for using Server.SimpleHTTP on its own? I'm reading the docs, but still unsure whether it is a good match for what I'm looking for.
21:49 < stepcut> dbpatterson: what are you looking for?
21:51 < dbpatterson> mainly looking for how to integrate SimpleHTTP with the CGI monad
21:51 < dbpatterson> trying to use it separate from the rest of happstack
21:51 < dbpatterson> (need to use sqlite, for example)
21:52 < dbpatterson> hmm, actually,not sure whether CGI is necessary
21:52 < dbpatterson> as perhaps simpleHTTP will do all I need
21:52 < stepcut> yeah
21:52 < dbpatterson> so perhaps the question is more on how to construct serverpartT's manually
21:53 < stepcut> normally you would use simpleHTTP as the webserver.
21:53 < dbpatterson> which I understand means making WebTs
21:53 < stepcut> constructing ServerPartTs does not seem like it should be needed
21:53 < dbpatterson> stepcut, yeah, I understand that, it is more that I want to integreate other software that is set up to use the CGI monad...
21:53 < stepcut> to use sqlite you can just do, liftIO <sqliteQuery>
21:54 < stepcut> not sure about integrating with things that use the CGI monad
21:55 < stepcut> there are basically only two ways to use simpleHTTP. Either you use it with happstack-state, or you don't.
21:55 < stepcut> but, there is actually nothing really linking happstack-state and happstack-server, they don't depend on each other...
21:56 < stepcut> so, if you look at a tutorial that uses happstack-server/simpleHTTP, then just change the systemStartState, update, and query functions from happstack-state to be sqlite stuff, and you are good to go I think...
21:57 < dbpatterson> yeah, I am not going to be using happstack-state - I'm trying to figure out whether using simpleHTTP makes more sense than using other haskell webservers... mainly whether it contains stuff that I would end up rewriting, or whether there is enough complexity that I DONT need to make it not ideal
21:57 < dbpatterson> which I guess means just digging around
21:57 < dbpatterson> I was just wondering if someone had already gone through that process (using simplehttp alone) and had written anything up
22:16 < stepcut> dbpatterson: what I am saying is that using simplehttp alone is pretty much the same as using it with happstack-state
22:20 < dbpatterson> ok, thanks.
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