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06:37 < HugoDani1l> can anyone tell me why is it that happstack 0.1 isn't working when i access to it by ip ?
06:37 < HugoDani1l> ill make the switch to 0.2 soon
09:10 < stepcut> HugoDaniel: wrong ip address?
10:57 < koeien> hi - i really like the new structure of ServerPartT; allows for greater composability
15:51 < lanaer> is there some decent documentation on how to get started with quickcheck/hunit testing with happstack?
21:34 < kadavr> http://moonpatio.com/fastcgi/hpaste.fcgi/view?id=1967#a1967 <- isnt that supposed to serve at 8080 ?
21:35 < kadavr> http://happstack.com/docs/0.2/index.html <- n which module can is ee how happstack handles hot code swapping?
21:38 < stepcut> kadavr: what do you mean by hotcode swapping?
21:40 < kadavr> update the code without shutting down/restarting the server
21:41 < stepcut> kadavr: like, dynamically reloading only bits of code in the server?
21:42 < kadavr> yes
21:42 < kadavr> i mena you can switch the html files without a problem but i mean the application logic
21:43 < stepcut> kadavr: doesn't exist at the moment. HAppS had that, but it used hsplugins, which does not work with GHC 6.10. There are plans for how to bring it back better than ever using the ghc-api, but no actually code has been written.
21:46 < stepcut> kadavr: but that system is really more of a tool for making development cycles faster. For zero down time upgrades on a cluster, you would just use multimaster to bring up the new server and then point the dns at the new machine
21:47 < stepcut> kadavr: if you want to see the old hot-swap code, look for happs-hsp-template
21:48 < stepcut> kadavr: also, i wrote a tutorial on using it here, http://nhlab.blogspot.com/2008/07/html-templating-in-happs-using-hsp.html
21:48 < stepcut> kadavr: though, the new (not yet built) system is almost entirely different
21:48 < kadavr> thanks
21:58 < kadavr> how do I cabal installall of happstack?
21:59 < rovar> cabal install happstack
21:59 < rovar> ?
22:04 < stepcut> kadavr: usually, cabal install happstack, but you need to make sure ~/.cabal/bin is in your path. Or do, sudo cabal install happstack --global
22:04 < stepcut> though, the former is probably better
22:06 < kadavr> etup.exe: The program perl is required but it could not be found
22:07 < kadavr> sometimes it jsut seems like a selfreferential dependencie-jungle to install haskell stuff
22:08 < stepcut> kadavr: yeah, happstack does (or is supposed to) install on Windows with out too much hassle, but I have never done it myself.
22:12 < mae__> kadavr: i wrote an article on thi
22:12 < mae__> this *
22:12 < mae__> or rather release notes
22:13 < mae__> look at the bottom of
22:13 < mae__> http://patch-tag.com/publicrepos/happstack/happstack/RELEASE_NOTES
22:13 < mae__> "Windows Bin Path Caveats"
22:13 < mae__> perl comes with ghc
22:45 < kadavr> hmm it installed now when i did it fromthe normlacommand prompt
22:45 < kadavr> nt via msys
22:45 < kadavr> if via msys do i need to supply exta lib dirs forperl?
22:54 < kadavr> why doesnt it print something liek : "Serving at port 8080" ?
23:00 < kadavr>  Could not find module `Text.StringTemplate.Helpers':
23:01 < kadavr> doesnt come with happstack?
23:20 < stepcut> kadavr: that probably comes from HStringTemplate
23:21 < stepcut> kadavr: the guestbook app normally prints out a lot of stuff, not sure what you are looking at
23:22 < kadavr> import Text.StringTemplate.Helpers
23:22 < kadavr> its that import thats failing
23:23 < stepcut> kadavr: you probably need, http://hackage.haskell.org/cgi-bin/hackage-scripts/package/HStringTemplateHelpers
23:28 < kadaver> the only webframework I know is webpy, there you just declare a dir to get static files and templaes and then you implement for each page /main /search etc a cllas with a GET and a POST method.
23:29 < kadaver> I dont really get a clear view of how happstack works form the tutorial
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