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00:10 < xplo45_> Perhaps functionality to generate WSDL files from segments of happstack code would be nice. Is there anyone doing something similar.
00:10 < xplo45_> ?:)
10:26 < mae> xplo45_: sure, i guess if your into the whole soap thing :)
10:26 < mae> personally i am going towards implementing rest interfaces in happstack
10:27 < mae> but nothing is stopping you from soap/wsdl
10:39 < mightybyte> mae: It's just the state and cookie management part.
10:40 < mightybyte> mae: ...and password hashing.
13:04 < mightybyte> Does IxSet have a good way to get a list of all of a certain key?
13:07 < mightybyte> i.e. the ability to call keys on one of the Ixs
13:10 < wchogg> You could use @=
13:10 < wchogg> That will give you an ixset of all the elements that match the key, then you can convert that to a list
13:44 < mightybyte> No, I want a list of all the keys.
13:46 < mightybyte> The first question was worded poorly.  I want a list of all the keys for a certain Ix
13:49 < wchogg> Ah, sorry!  No, I don't think there's an exposed function to do that.  Maybe that should be added, though.  Sounds useful.
14:01 < stepcut> mightybyte: groupBy::(Typeable k,Typeable t) =>  IxSet t -> [(k, [t])]
14:01 < stepcut> map fst . groupBy
14:01 < wchogg> fair enough, that would work
14:23 < mightybyte> stepcut: Ahh yes
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