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00:47 < performance> the default guestbook app created about 130 files!!
00:53 < performance> in teh _local guestbook_state folder .. what happens to bigger sites in production ?
01:13 < performance> gnite
08:44 < tomh> hey anyone here?
10:14 < MarcWeber> tomh Always just put your question
10:14 < tomh> oh that was actually my question :>
10:14 < tomh> just to see if there are non-bot people here
11:15 < tomh> does the multi-master stuff already work? if yes in what module is this done?
11:17 < abuiles> Hi guys, I want to do an app for a clien with happs, but I have a little question with MACID, I haven't read enoguh about it, but I want to know How difficult or easy would be to do a  back-up of the data , if for example I want to migrate my information to others formats, like  sql, xml, etc...?
11:18 < tomh> what ive just read about it it will just store it on the filesystem
11:18 < tomh> so you can rsync it
11:18 < tomh> http://tutorial.happstack.com/tutorial/macid-data-safety
11:19 < tomh> so i wouldn't use it for a production system :>
11:22 < abuiles> thanks
18:57 < mightybyte> Is there any way to get the current URL from inside a serverpart?
19:00 < rovar> ask?
19:01 < rovar> current url meaning GET/POST request from the user? or synthesized url?
19:05 < mightybyte> From the request.
19:06 < mightybyte> Ahh, ask gets the request and rqUri gets the ur.
19:06 < mightybyte> url
19:07 < mightybyte> I'm working on what I hope will be a generic paginator, and I was hoping I could automaticall get the URL so it doesn't have to be passed in.
19:07 < mightybyte> ...since the "back", "next", and other page links will need it.
19:10 < rovar> you could use continuations
19:10 < rovar> :)
19:10 < mightybyte> Heh
19:11 < mightybyte> I'll have to think about that.  Not sure how it would work.
19:11 < mightybyte> Although it doesn't seem like the right thing for this.
19:12 < rovar> well.. there would have to be a way to store them between requests.. this is how the lisp and smalltalk frameworks do it
19:12 < rovar> but if you could, it would be pretty easy :)
19:13 < rovar> think of it as an object that you just tell "forward, back" and "peek forward, peek back" to and it would return the correct values.
19:41 < tomh> how does macid guarantee acid when two masters on the exact same time do an update?
19:46 < mightybyte> tomh: I really don't know much about it, but I think that is taken care of by the spread protocol.
19:47 < MarcWeber> Has sharding been implemented now?
19:47 < MarcWeber> tomh: grep the mailinglist for sharding and multiserver
19:59 < tomh> ok
20:25 < mightybyte> MarcWeber: 0.3 has been push back a couple weeks, and sharding isn't scheduled until 0.4
20:29 < MarcWeber> mightybyte thx
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