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00:10 < performance> is there an affordable host to try out HappsTack online?   some one that takes care of the os and packages, and i have to worry only about my site
00:17 < MarcWeber> performance: Good question. I don't think it's popular enough yet for anyone popping up providing such a service. Probably your best choice is getting a vserver and manage everything yourself ? I don't konw exactly. I haven't followed hackstacks developement closely..
00:24 < performance> i was hoping tph etcc who manage patch-tag would know more :)
01:07 < performance> bye
04:11 < alexj> anyone know about: /Happstack/Data/Default.hs:123:9:
04:11 < alexj>     Could not deduce (Data DefaultD (M.Map a b))
04:12 < alexj> anyone awake?
12:33 < alexj> anyone here with commit priviledges?
12:40 < wchogg> Yeah, what's up?
12:46 < alexj> working it through w/ Saizan backchannel.  small bug in happstack.default.data when run from interpeter
15:58 < stepcut> alexj: did you every get your exception and deduce issues worked out? I have no problems building under 6.10.1 or 6.10.2 with the latest syb-with-class and extensible-exceptions libraries. The mailing list seems to indicate other people had no issues with 6.10.2 as well
15:59 < alexj> yes now have everything working.
15:59 < alexj> it all works with current version of searchpath too.
15:59 < alexj> thank you.
15:59 < stepcut> alexj: nice! What was wrong?
15:59 < alexj> default was incorrect installation of old version of syb-with-class.
16:00 < alexj> hsrpead also had a small syntax bug if you have th  turned on.
16:00 < stepcut> ah
16:00 < alexj> hspread also had an exception issue with the new exception model that saizan fixed.
16:00 < stepcut> cool
16:01 < alexj> had a longish discussion with saizan backchannel on the relative merits of searchpath vs cabal.
16:01 < alexj> haskell build systems are getting better but not quite super-friendly.
16:02 < gwern> searchpath was super friendly?
16:02 < alexj> neither is superfriendly yet.  but they both have different issues/thoughts/goals.
16:02 < alexj> my view is that I don't want to think about packaging at all.
16:03 < stepcut> alexj: yeah. I curse out cabal often. Though, it still 100x better than before when you had to edit wacky Makefiles to get anything to build
16:03 < alexj> will migrate more and more projects into the default.map for searchpath.
16:03 < alexj> if you want to build a happstack program, do "sp ghc -o out Main.hs --make"
16:04 < alexj> you don't already have to have happstack or any of its dependencies installed.
16:04 < alexj> sp hunts them down and grabs them.
16:04 < alexj> assuming you main has e.g. "import Happstack.State"
16:06 < stepcut> alexj: yeah, it's a bit annoying that cabal has the information to do that, but doesn't
16:07 < stepcut> alexj: at the very least, it would be nice if you could do, cabal generate, to autogenerate a .cabal file with all the build-depends and extensions listed
16:07 < alexj> that is why I use searchath.
16:18 < sm> I love cabal, and haven't used sp's download feature much (the one time I did, it worked well)
16:19 < sm> but alexj, today I thank you for sp's build in auto-recompiling. That absolutely rocks and I use it every time I code haskell
16:19 < alexj> sp is much less production quality.
16:19 < alexj> ah I forgot that feature.  yes it is useful too. still writing a new program so not at test stage yet.
16:20 < alexj> will try to advance sp again now that I am playing with haskell again.
16:20 < sm> excellent
16:20 < sm> its used in eg the darcs project ("make ci")
16:21  * stepcut is totally burnt out on build systems, packaging, or anything related (especially version numbers)
16:22 < sm> alexj: ignore me if this is nosy, but inquiring minds where did you go and why are you now back ? :) Someone said you were kayaking up the amazon
16:22 < sm> well, I said it
16:36 < gwern> is kayaking up the amazon an euphemism for suicide?
16:49 < sm> bah gwern you insensitive clod :)
16:49 < sm> I certainly hope not
17:07 < Saizan_> hi, has anyone taken a look at holumbus? http://holumbus.fh-wedel.de/trac
17:07 < Saizan_> it looks like it overlaps with -state to some extent
17:27 < stepcut> s
18:08 < mightybyte> Saizan_: I was familiar with the name, but only because of Hayoo.
18:08 < mightybyte> Saizan_: It looks like an interesting project.
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