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00:55 < performance> @seen sm
00:56 < performance> wchogg: hi
00:57 < sm> hey performance
01:00 < performance> hi sm.
01:00 < performance> i did some investigation, and Found that the best option to try a live site in happstack is to rent a linode and manage it myself
01:05 < sm> performance: sounds good, I use slicehost
01:05 < performance> also, i have decided on the example service my site is going to offer.. however i could definitley benefit from discussing with some one
01:05 < performance> basically it is a resume/CV tool and interview preperation assistant service.
01:06 < sm> cool
01:07 < performance> when will you have some time now to discuss this?
01:07 < sm> go ahead, I'm listening
01:08 < performance> well for a few minutes assume that you are the developer and i am a rich client who wants this website made :D
01:09 < performance> what is your first question after i state that it is a resume building tool + interview prep assistant ?
01:09 < sm> is there an existing site that is like what you want ?
01:10 < performance> nope
01:11 < performance> what most sites do is provide a guide line or template to enter your resume.  i havent seen any that helps you think through it and build one
01:11 < sm> ok.. what sort of money/time budget are you thinking, and what is the basic function of the site ?
01:12 < sm> a questionnaire that builds a resumve ?
01:12 < performance> well since i want to do this to improve my Haskell/ Happstack knowledge, i dont know the real answer to part 1.   part 2:  it will provide a detailed questionnaire and guide you through your experience
01:13 < performance> eg:  instead of key words, it stresses on actual accomplishments  and how you helped your team/company client etc.. benefit.
01:14 < sm> oh I'm still in role here.. I thought you were a rich customer1
01:14 < sm> heck if you have no money, begone!
01:14 < sm> just kidding, I wouldn't phrase it that way
01:14 < sm> well, sounds like a useful site
01:15 < performance> :D who knows, i could become the rich custiomer one day.. if not for the damn stock market, i would be one now:); so you collect a few pieces of information and quantify it to the best
01:15 < sm> there *must* be resume builders out there, but who cares since this is for learning
01:15 < performance> i was trying to update mine and couldnt find a good site
01:16 < sm> http://www.theresumebuilder.com/ eg
01:16 < performance> i will know if i have a job on wednesday or thursday..
01:16 < sm>  good luck!
01:18 < performance> need a lot of that :)
01:19 < performance> ok back to the role..  so my hope is that people like me will come to the site and fill in a small form, which will then lead to more probing questions on each claim to be made in the resume
01:20 < performance> as this process goes on, the site will provide the user with a view of the resume prepared so far.
01:20 < performance> they can save it and come back later
01:20 < sm> if it were me, I'd like to build the simplest possible resume in one or two steps, and have the option to add more and more detail later
01:21 < sm> but have a complete presentable resume at every stage
01:21 < performance> well after a threshold, that is what this site will do, but to get to an initial usable version, it should involve some probing.
01:21 < performance> remember this is also to help with interview prep
01:23 < performance> to help the user prepare for the interview, they can click on each line/claim in the resume view and get detailed notes, book marks etc basically a wiki, which is partially filled with info collected earlier
01:23 < performance> s/wiki,/wiki page,/
01:27 < performance> sm, still there? or did you doze off? :D
01:27 < sm> still here.. I hear you
01:28 < performance> so any questions on the interview prep part?
01:28 < sm> no I hear your plan so far
01:29 < performance> I have some more thoughts on what the site should offer, but initially thats all i can bite as a developer.
01:29 < performance> so as the prospective developer what is going through your mind now?
01:30 < sm> I know we have a lot of details to clarify
01:31 < sm> I'd be looking for the smallest possible implementation that's valuable to you, that we could agree on as a first milestone
01:31 < performance> ok lets go over those then
01:32 < sm> what will you provide as input, what are your expectations for appearance and maintenance and cost and time
01:32 < performance> hmm.. ok, user can enter basic info, and get an editable page per line created. [just a normal textfiled instead of wiki is acceptable]
01:33 < sm> I mean what will you the customer give me the developer. Just the plan above, or will you be collaborating ? providing screens, text, graphics, ?
01:33 < performance> ahha, actually im planning to draw some mock ups with a pencil and keep them some where for reference
01:34 < sm> ok, that's a good idea, so we'd look at those
01:34 < sm> I'd need to clarify these things to quote you a price
01:34 < performance> for this project though, in my developer hat, i would seek help with the javascript and css parts.
01:34 < sm> then based on your reaction we'd continue or not
01:35 < performance> hmm , assume whatever you quote [ within reason ] is accepted [ remember in the role im a *rich* client :) ]
01:36 < sm> ok.. still need to clarify the above before moving forward, so I know I can build something you'll like
01:36 < sm> eg I'm not a graphic designer, so if you want pizazz it would have to come from somewhere
01:37 < performance> so in this case, i need to make those mockups and be satisfied as a client, for me as a developer to proceed
01:37  * sm gets confused
01:38 < performance> well.. i will make a mockup and my local Happstack code and send it to you over next week, will you be willing to review it?
01:38 < performance> oh this is back in real world now..
01:40 < sm>  are you wanting practice in the client relationship part ?
01:40 < sm> I assume that's what we're doing here
01:41 < performance> yes, that too but mostly being a very beginner, im sure i'll make some mistake with the actual code too
01:41 < performance> so both.
01:42 < sm> fair enough, though I think you're probably not going to do your first happs project for paying customer ? why not take one thing at a time
01:42 < sm> coding a first happs app is hard enough :)
01:43 < performance> yeah.. :)
01:43 < sm> even getting to a live hello world on the net requires quite a few steps
01:43 < performance> it took me a while to understand the guestbook. too many monad transformers
01:44 < sm> you'll need a productive development setup, your linode, domain..
01:44 < performance> i have a domain, once the site works locally, i'll buy the linode
01:46 < sm> good idea, you can do the hard stuff on your own machine
01:46 < sm> got ghc 6.10.2 and cabal ?
01:47 < performance> yup. remember my woes two weeks ago?
01:48 < performance> cabal-install is 0.6.2
01:49 < sm> great
01:49 < sm> got the happstack sample project generated and running ?
01:49 < performance> alright sm, goodnight.. if its good news on wed/thu i'll send my initial working version to you by email on sunday.  badnews, well i'll eat lots of ice cream and send on sunday
01:50 < performance> yeah got the guest book running
01:50 < performance> and it created 130 odd files for two comments!
01:50 < sm>  cool :)
01:50 < sm> good night then
01:51 < performance> why does it make somany files though? one for each snapshot?
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