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09:29 < kristofer> when running the app with Server.FastCGI what can I do to serve up a file?
09:30 < kristofer> when I was running it standalone I was using fileServe ["document.html"]
09:31 < TheRealMarko> think you can server static files with apache itself (if that's what you're using)
13:12 < mightybyte> Is there a reason happstack uses renderHtml instead of showHtml for its XHtml ToMessage instance?
15:06 < stepcut> mightybyte: yes
15:09 < stepcut> mightybyte: hrm. well there is a reason it uses renderHtml and not *prettyHtml*. Less certain about showHtml.
15:36 < mightybyte> Is there an easy way of switching to showHtml?
15:37 < stepcut> change happstack and recompile?
15:37 < stepcut> why is showHtml better than renderHtml?
15:38 < stepcut> it's shorter due to no whitespace?
15:38 < mightybyte> Yeah
15:38 < mightybyte> renderHtml is better for development, showHtml is better for production
15:38 < mightybyte> ...arguably.
15:39 < stepcut> One problem, IMO, with the ToMessage stuff is that it does not make it easy to render the same Type more than one way
15:39 < mightybyte> Right
15:40 < stepcut> anyway, I would post on the mailing list and see what people have to say. renderHtml isn't all the readable either. Better to use firebug to view the markup :)
15:41 < mightybyte> True.  It's not a big deal.  I was just wondering.
16:39 < sm> hey all.. latest happs-darcs is fairly buildable and usable for live sites, isn't it ?
16:39 < sm> happstack
16:40 < sm> I just recommended it
16:41 < stepcut> sm: yep
16:41 < sm> great, thx
16:41 < stepcut> sm: if someone fixes the race condition in the file lock code it might be a release candidate for 0.3
16:41 < stepcut> (it might be a release candidate even if no one fixes that)
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