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00:55 < mae> hi
16:11 < simon__> hello everybody... I just started programming a web-applikation based on happstack
16:11 < simon__> during developing interactively, I ran into the problem that the logger of the guestbook application does not close the log-files when quit by an exception
16:12 < simon__> I would have a darcs patch fixing this problem.. however, I don't know where to submit this patch to :-)
16:12 < simon__> can somebody help me?
16:28 < simon__> hmm...I'm going off
16:28 < simon__> but I'll just send the patch to the mailing list
16:54 < iago_> simon__, I hope that there are instructions for this question in the webpage
16:54 < iago_> but expect that you have to send the patch via e-mail
16:55 < simon__> aye, iago_ you're right...should have clicked a few links further
16:55 < simon__> I have now sent the patch to the mailinglist which is one of the options
16:55 < simon__> thanks for your answer and good night... if you happen to be in europe ;-)
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