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16:00 < deech> Hi all, I already asked this question on the mailing list but if anyone can help here, that would be great: I was wondering if I can statically compile and distribute a server
16:00 < deech> application. So what I want is do is compile "MyApp.hs" with all the
16:00 < deech> libraries ( happstack-server etc ) linked in, stick the executable on
16:00 < deech> a flash drive, and have someone without GHC or happstack use the app
16:00 < deech> by just double-clicking the executable and browsing over to http://<local
16:00 < deech> machine>:<some port>.
16:02 < gwern> how does the current binary not work?
16:02 < h_buildbot> Build for ghc-6.8.3 failed. Check http://buildbot.happstack.com/ for details.
16:02 < deech> It works just fine, I was wondering if the binary had the server built-in.
16:02 < deech> Can I just distribute it like any other app?
16:03 < gwern> I guess so, I mean that's what static linking implies
16:03 < deech> Great! I just wanted to make sure, I'm not super experienced with web-apps.
16:04 < gwern> depends on what you do though
16:04 < deech> Do you mean if there are external HTML/JS files?
16:04 < gwern> for example, gitit is a happstack app, but the gitit binary is not standalone - it needs to find its css and js and html data files, and it assumes ghc libraries isntalled in the same place as the libraries were when it was compiled
16:05 < deech> But if were statically compiled, it wouldn't need to know about ghc libs, correct?
16:06 < gwern> gitit supports plugins via the ghc api
16:06 < gwern> the various libraries a plugin could call are loaded at runtime
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16:09 < deech> Ah, ok.
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