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11:42 < jmcarthur> i know there was, at one point, talk about writing some openid support for happstack. has any of that happened yet?
11:50 < jmcarthur> mightybyte: is there any particular reason you require usernames to be only alphanumeric characters in Happstack.Auth?
13:53 < sm> morning all.. is there a convention-based way to define routes/views/actions for happstack ? Eg I define a viewMain function and the /main url starts working
13:56 < jmcarthur> happstack doesn't have many conventions yet, afaik
14:02 < sm> I believe you're right. I need to build some kind of familliar layer on top so I can get stuff done
14:08 < jmcarthur> yeah it takes some work to get used to happstack's philosophy
14:31 < sm> here's a concrete question.. would anyone know how I can reduce these two lines into one:
14:31 < sm>        ,dir "print" $ withDataFn (look "a") $ ?a -> templatise $ printreport [a]
14:31 < sm>        ,dir "print" $ templatise $ printreport []
14:31 < sm> they handle /print?a=.. and /print respectively
14:33 < sm> and also, generalise to multiple query arguments, all optional
14:53 < sm> yay, think I've got it..
15:49 < sm> how do I fetch the current time for a request handler ?
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