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10:16 < koeien> gwern: in theory you could stuff like that with ssl certs for users. but i'm not sure whether browsers support that (probably not) and i'm sure that approx. 0% of users have that
10:18  * gwern feels sad
22:24 < mightybyte> I have a Happstack app that's using 273 megs of RAM, but the state files are only 1 meg.  Anyone have an idea what might be going on here?
22:25 < gwern> mightybyte: well, profiling would help I'd imagine
22:26 < mightybyte> With the ghc profiler?
22:27 < gwern> sure why not
22:28 < mightybyte> Hmmm, on a live site?
22:28 < gwern> it's not like a profiled binary will eat visitors' kittens
22:28 < mightybyte> I'm also getting a fair amount of these errors:
22:28 < mightybyte> HTTP request failed with: <socket: 14>: hLookAhead: resource vanished (Connection reset by peer)
22:28 < mightybyte> HTTP request failed with: <socket: 13>: hPutBuf: resource vanished (Broken pipe)
22:29 < mightybyte> noscrolls: <socket: 10>: hClose: resource vanished (Broken pipe)
22:29 < mightybyte> That last one is sent to stderr.
22:30 < gwern> yeah, I never did figure out what those were
22:30 < gwern> couldn't reproduce them, which makes me think they're from a wonky client - maybe a dropped connection or something
22:41 < jimmyjaz114> I want to build my blog using happstack where is a good place to start
22:41 < jimmyjaz114> ?
22:42 < gwern> look at everything with the word 'blog' on hackage?
22:47 < mightybyte> gwern: Yeah, I get those errors regularly, but so far I haven't figured out how to reproduce them.
23:01 < sm> same here
23:02 < sm> jimmyjaz114: perhaps http://gregorycollins.net/posts/2009/03/28/building-a-website-part-1
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