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13:57 < gcollins> mightybyte: the first thing I do when I fetch happstack from darcs is to add "-O -p" to bin/build-install-all.sh
13:57 < gcollins> do you think that would be a sane thing to make default?
13:58 < gwern> no. because hapsptack depends on a lot of other libraries
13:58 < gwern> which are not guaranteed to be profled
13:58 < gwern> it'd break for just about anyone using build-install-all.sh
13:58 < gwern> better to have a separate script if you must
14:07 < gcollins> hm.
14:07 < gcollins> good point -- but "-O" would be a saner default, no?
14:11 < gwern> -O, be optimization, yes?
14:12 < gwern> cabal already turns -O on by default. it's -O2 that cabal doesn't do
14:14 < gcollins> Does it really? Are you sure about that?
14:14 < gcollins> I'm willing to take your word for it :)
14:15 < gwern> it used to be -O2, but people complained about slowness and dcoutts turned it odnw
14:23 < sm> my cabal --help says it does
14:23 < sm> -O
14:29 < gcollins> ok.
14:39 < sm> gcollins: were you looking for the HP mac installer ?
14:39 < sm> for testers for ?
14:51 < sm> ah, found it
15:11 < mightybyte> Yeah, it was a pain recompiling everything with -p.  We don't want to inflict that on developers/testers who aren't concerned about such things.
15:25 < gcollins> sm: yep
15:26 < gcollins> It "worked for me" but people have reported problems already
15:26 < sm> hi.. yes I just posted on-list about failing in haddock postinst
15:26 < sm> any idea how to see a more verbose log ?
15:28 < gcollins> command-L in the installer
15:28 < gcollins> then select "show all logs"
15:29 < gcollins> i would really like to see that output!
15:29 < sm> cool, will try
15:34 < sm> gcollins: mailed it to you
15:34 < gcollins> Thanks very much! I appreciate it.
15:34 < gcollins> Bug reports coming in will help me get a new installer out faster
15:35 < gcollins> This project has been a Sisyphusian task for sure -- I hate the engineer at Apple who came up with this stuff with the white-hot passion of a thousand burning suns
15:36 < gwern> I always pity you apple users
15:36 < gwern> why do you inflict this on yourselves?
15:36 < gcollins> Normally OSX is great and I really like it
15:36 < sm> it sounds painful. I sure appreciate your working on it. Sounds like an expert mac developer would be useful, I wonder if you'd find on on #macosx or somewhere
15:37 < gcollins> sm: that might be my next move
15:37 < sm> there's also the mac developer mail lists
15:37 < gcollins> gwern: a lot of things about OSX "just work" in a way that I could only dream of having on my arch linux machines
15:37 < sm> but let me know if I can do something else to help
15:38 < gcollins> sm: thanks
15:38 < sm> once haskell things work with a click on mac, there'll be more support
15:38 < gcollins> agreed
15:38 < sm> to polish it up, I expect
15:44 < tibbe_> who here asked about sendFile support a while ago?
15:54 < gcollins> tibbe_: most of us :)
15:54 < gcollins> or several, anyways
15:54 < gcollins> myself included
15:55 < tibbe_> network-bytestring has sendfile for unix now
15:55 < gcollins> coool
15:55 < tibbe_> waiting someone to write the 15 or so lines for windows
15:55 < tibbe_> for TransmitFile
15:55 < gcollins> two thumbs up
18:48 < dancor> ghc dies when i try to compile darcs happstack-state with profiling
18:49 < dancor> http://moonpatio.com:8080/fastcgi/hpaste.fcgi/view?id=2547#a2547
18:49 < dancor> is it just me
19:45 < dancor> hm, compiling http://src.seereason.com/happstack-extra gives me overlapping instance b.s.
19:46 < dancor> oh, that's related to parsec3
19:48 < dancor> a few commented-out type-declarations later, it builds!
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