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10:11 < kowey> is this something that affects all happstack users? http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/698
10:20 < dcoutts> kowey: you mean, do people find it a serious problem in their specific applications?
10:20 < kowey> right
10:21 < dcoutts> obviously it particularly affects apps that inflate their mem use for individual requests
10:21 < dcoutts> and not all web apps have that characteristic, indeed most do not
10:22 < dcoutts> kowey: so eg the hackage-server doesn't have that problem
10:23 < dcoutts> because while the state uses quite a bit of memory, individual requests do not need that much temporary storage
10:24 < kowey> whereas gitit is affected when (guessing wildly) it has to parse a huge XML file from darcs changes, and for some reason wants to grab lots of memory to do it?
10:24 < kowey> (this is idle speculation, of course)
10:33 < kowey> so what I'm scratching my head over (without really being equipped for it) is what's causing these gitit OOMs on darcs.net
10:34 < kowey> gwern mentioned this bug as one of the things he noticed... but where I can see how that would prevent our memory usage from ever dropping
10:36 < kowey> if our individual requests don't get progressively larger, and gitit/filestore itself doesn't have some sort of leak, then no real problem, right?
11:10 < dcoutts> kowey: right, this issue that ghc does not release memory does not affect OOM, because that's about peak usage
11:11 < dcoutts> so if you're getting OOM you need to look for a different cause, ie why serving one request takes so much memory
11:13 < kowey> thanks! (and sorry for the confused rambling)
11:13 < kowey> I also just noticed I haven't been reading that bug carefully... just saw this from gwern:
11:13 < kowey> "There are a few pages like 'Recent changes' which get the entire revision history; each time this happens, the memory usage goes up a bit..."
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