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20:40 < eyerwolf> I wanted to know if anyone has tried use HAppStack to run haskell code passed through the browser, thanks
20:47 < aavogt> eyerwolf: I doubt it, since very few browsers (none?) are set up to directly execute haskell
20:48 < aavogt> some other haskell compilers (yhc, or maybe jhc) can compile haskell to javascript, which might suit your needs
20:49 < eyerwolf> actually I wanted to take the code from the browser and run it server side, and then output the results back to the browser, I wonder if I even need HAppStack to achieve that?
20:50 < aavogt> so like lambdabot does?
20:50 < eyerwolf> ya..
20:58 < aavogt> eyerwolf: there are other ways to hook mueval (what lambdabot uses for 'safe' evaluation), such as writing a standalone cgi executable, if you don't use happstack
20:58 < jmcarthur> eyerwolf: codepad.org
20:58 < jmcarthur> is an example. don't think it is open source
20:59 < jmcarthur> don't know if it uses haskell for the web server either. it does run haskell code server side that is input client side though
21:04 < eyerwolf> jmcarthur: I see that, thanks for the tips
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