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14:05 < deech> Hi all, I am having an issue with returning a Response with an IO String. The code and error message are at: http://hpaste.org/fastcgi/hpaste.fcgi/view?id=5972#a5972. This code is part of a program that retrieves XML book information based on ISBN #'s. 'runX' is the HXT function that processes an XML file. The result is an O String.
14:05 < deech> s/O String/IO String
14:05 < deech> Any help is appreciated.
15:07 < mightybyte> deech, still there?
15:13 < kenhty> hi
15:14 < mightybyte> Hi
15:20 < mightybyte> deech: I posted an answer here http://hpaste.org/fastcgi/hpaste.fcgi/view?id=5972#a5975
15:33 < kenhty> does happstack need a web designer?
15:35 < jmcarthur_work> kenhty, are you offering?
15:36 < jmcarthur_work> kenhty, if not, that gives me the idea to ask my wife about it, who is trying to get a portfolio going for her freelance web design venture
15:39 < abuiles> mightybyte: are you still there ?
15:39 < mightybyte> Yes
15:39 < kenhty> yes, i'm offering. I like haskell and happstack.
15:40 < jmcarthur_work> kenhty, well, i'm not the one to talk to at all, but my vote is that it needs it :)
15:40 < mightybyte> kenhty: You might put together some concept designs for sites like happstack.com and happstutorial.com and run them by the community.
15:41 < jmcarthur_work> not a very high priority thing though, in my opinion
15:42 < mightybyte> kenhty: I think happstutorial could benefit from a redesign focused on the needs of a new happstack user.
15:42 < jmcarthur_work> agreed
15:43 < jmcarthur_work> and i hate the web 2.0 logo on it :P
15:43 < abuiles> mightybyte: man, I wanted to help the project I talked with _mae , and he told me to tell you  or stepcut, as he has been busy with his daughter. I'm not such an expert, I did some test with the lock file and new auto build, but I'm sure I can do some work in testing or something like that, I'm not quite sure how are you guys working.
15:43 < abuiles> So I would like to know more about it
15:43 < mightybyte> Do you have anything in particular you would like to work on?
15:44 < kenhty> ok. any plan to write a comet server in haskell?
15:44 < jmcarthur_work> abuiles, http://code.google.com/p/happstack/issues/list :)
15:45 < mightybyte> abuiles: Also, how familiar with how happstack works under the hood?
15:45 < mightybyte> s/familiar/familiar are you/
15:48 < abuiles> mightybyte: I have been getting familiar with it.. as I have been working in a personal project, which I think to put online soon..
15:50 < mightybyte> abuiles: Well, I'd second jmcarthur on checking out the issues list.
15:51 < mightybyte> Also, be sure to keep track of the mailing list...especially the current "Some thoughts on the future direction of Happstack" thread that is getting some good discussion.
15:51 < abuiles> mightybyte: I noticed that this morning. I will chek the issues list..and I'll be in touch, I got to go.
19:28 < deech> mightybyte: thanks so much, that worked, I didn't know about the methodSP.
19:40 < mightybyte> deech: Yeah, http://happstack.com/docs/0.2/happstack-server/0.2/Happstack-Server-SimpleHTTP.html is your friend. :)
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