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09:26 < Oejet> Hi, I am experiencing some trouble with happs-tutorial 0.8, and 0.8.1 from hackage. The first one installs, but does not compile, while the second one does not install because of dependency conflicts.
09:49 < paulvisschers> I've been out of the happstack game for a few months, and I know that you guys introduced filters or somthing, is there an introduction to them somewhere?
10:09 < mightybyte> paulvisschers: Not that I've seen.
10:10 < paulvisschers> :(
10:13 < paulvisschers> mightybyte: How's that auth module you made going?
10:13 < mightybyte> Not a whole lot of development activity.  It's working fine for me on a production site.
10:14 < mightybyte> I may change the architecture a bit because it doesn't clean up stale sessions right now.
10:15 < mightybyte> I was thinking that it would be easier to store sessions in the user database, so no cleanup would be needed.
10:20 < paulvisschers> Ok
10:20 < paulvisschers> I was thinking about using it
10:41 < mightybyte> That would be great.
10:52 < Oejet> paulvisschers: Be sure to write a user guide, when you know how it works! :)
10:53 < paulvisschers> Oejet: I think that mightybyte should do that, since he made the module
10:59 < Oejet> paulvisschers: Why would he do that? If however you ask him good questions, while you figure out how it works, and save that IRC log, then it is just a matter of cut-and-paste, and a bit of editing.
11:00 < paulvisschers> Oejet: Because it is good practice to write documentation for the code you release
11:01 < paulvisschers> Although in this case it's not finished or anything, and just released so we might use it already
11:08 < mightybyte> Oejet: There is already an introduction to using it on my blog at http://softwaresimply.blogspot.com
11:12 < paulvisschers> mightybyte: That will be handy
12:38 < paulvisschers> It's nice how you always forget the little things, like having to capitalize the thing after a query or update, and then you spend over an hour figuring it out :@
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