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12:29 < sebas_> hey all. I'm trying to put some |LocalTime|s into Happstack State but this won't work because there is no Data instance available. Because LocalTime uses TimeOfDay which uses Pico which uses Fixed which does not export all of its constructors I cannot use StandaloneDeriving. Is it now really impossible to put LocalTime into my state?
12:30 < sebas_> Or can I just create an instance myself? Probably not because I cannot touch the constructors of Fixed.
12:34 < sebas_> This is all very worrying.
12:59 < mightybyte> sebas_: I encountered this issue awhile back and I just ended up using a single integer to represent dates.
13:05 < sebas_> mightybyte: that is off course a solution, not really the one I was looking for though
13:07 < sebas_> mightybyte: Btw, the reason I want this is to store session expiration dates in Happstack state in our (extremely modified) fork of your Happstack-Auth package.
13:31 < mightybyte> sebas_: Ahhh yes.  I don't do stale session cleanup.  I'm thinking about fixing that.
13:31 < mightybyte> sebas_: But I may end up eliminating the session "database" and moving it into the user data.
13:32 < mightybyte> ...which will just limit each user to one session and eliminate the need to clean up.
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