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00:07 < mae> thx :)
00:07 < mae> sm: you've been busy!
00:07 < mae> i still remember meeting you at the socalfp meeting
00:07 < mae> your a tall guy!
00:09 < sm> mae: hey there! busy ?
00:14 < mae> i just see your ml posts, and you are busy on a business no?\
00:15 < mae> also, i just wanted to let you know, that when you said "you are doing a good job" at the socalfp talk, this was really encouraging to me and I really appreciate it!
00:15 < mae> I am still moving forward and wish I could work full time on haskell
00:15 < mae> but got a 8-5 job for now
00:18 < sm> mae: oh that's good to hear, thanks for letting me know
00:18 < sm> and congrats on the job
00:19 < sm> I'm not doing so much entrepreneur stuff right now, mainly client work
00:19 < sm> and trying to grow hledger
00:21 < sm> and a relationship. That is so frickin time consuming :)
00:21 < sm> I can't imagine how you deal with a child
00:22 < sm> stuff gets rearranged I guess
00:22 < sm> mae: how are you gonna sneak haskell into your day job ?
00:25  * sm read some tips here: http://ryepup.unwashedmeme.com/blog/2009/07/15/howto-start-using-lisp-in-your-work-environment-part-1/
01:14 < mae> i sneak it :)
01:14 < mae> i am basically an IT worker which none of the IS team at my company knows or cares that i have programming skills
01:14 < mae> so I go nuts with my IT stuff
01:15 < mae> anyways, yeah, having a kid and a wife makes things alot more difficult
01:15 < mae> I have to juggle my time!
01:16 < sm> a useful skill that!
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