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09:36 < Oejet> Hi.
13:26 < Oejet> mae: Hi.
15:59 < RandomName2342> Hi, anybody experienced with HappS performance here?
16:06 < RandomName2342> Is anybody home ?   ;)
16:12 < dsfox1> In some sense
16:12 < RandomName2342> Well im interested about HApps performance
16:13 < RandomName2342> more specificaly response time serving very simple, lets say static pages like 300-500 bytes
16:14 < dsfox1> I'm sure someone here can comment
16:14 < RandomName2342> I had done extensive research and while YAWS has several publications on performance many claiming sub 1milisecond responce to http request   there is only 1 such publication for happs 2007 year old
16:14 < jmcarthur_work> i've not seen any concrete numbers, but the happstack sites i have visited have never felt slow
16:16 < RandomName2342> well I am sure anything is faster than apache, but thing is im expecting ALOT of ajax requests, and for smooth experience i want to get best tool for job (i have previous functional language - F#  experience so thought to try YAWS or HApps)
16:17 < RandomName2342> and yea its not trylly static but very simple dynamic responses
16:57 < sm> I just did cabal install maid.. a static webserver using simple-http-server as backend.. ab shows 1.2 ms/req, 800req/s
16:58 < sm> then I made it use happstack as backend and the numbers became .9ms/req, 1100req/s
16:58 < sm> I think adding simple dynamicism to that will not affect it much
16:59 < sm> so yay happstack, I think it's up to the job
16:59 < sm> (on a macbook)
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