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09:30 < Oejet> mae: Would it be possible to update the /docs/ directory on happstack.com to 3.0 and even perhaps add the development version too?
14:02 < alexj_> anyone here?
14:06 < Oejet> alexj_: Hi.
14:07 < alexj_> hi there.
14:07 < alexj_> posted longish though email to list so I figured I would check in here to discuss.
14:10 < Oejet> alexj_: Your email has mime type "text/html". :-/
14:10 < alexj_> what email reader do you use?  I can remail in text/plain easily enough.
14:11 < Oejet> Mutt. Reading it in a browser now.
14:12 < alexj_> ok.  Pine does html handling.  I assume Mutt would as well...
14:14 < Oejet> It is just a bit inconvenient, when sometimes running over ssh. And also, _none_ of the html mails I get, are worth reading so that is why I haven't looked into handling it.
14:14 < alexj_> hopefullly this one is an exception!
14:15 < Oejet> alexj_: It is usually very quiet in here, so don't get your hopes up.
14:18 < alexj_> k no worries.
14:25 < Oejet> Hm, you won't get much discussion out of me, because that multi-master/sharding stuff is for me completely new, and I did not understand much of the mail.
14:26 < thetallguy2> alexj_: you might want to ping stepcut
14:27 < alexj_> no need.  I happen to be around now.  otherwise conversation via email is probably fine.
14:28 < thetallguy2> alexj_: He is the one from our group who knows the most about HAppS/stack, especially the issues you raised in the email
14:28 < thetallguy2> alexj_: okay, I expect he will respond
14:28 < thetallguy2> alexj_: in particular, he has been thinking about sharding.
14:28 < alexj_> great!
14:32 < Oejet> alexj_: Btw, thanks for authoring HAppS!
14:32 < alexj_> my pleasure.
14:33 < alexj_> its been also the result of contribs and ideas from many others over the years.
14:33 < alexj_> esp including einar and lemmih
14:33 < Oejet> Yet again does a Haskell library make my head explode.
14:33 < alexj_> make your head explode?
14:33 < alexj_> the goal is for it to be comfortable...?
14:34 < Oejet> Brain hurt.
14:36 < Oejet> Yes, perhaps when you have a PhD degree in type theory (apparently, a Masters degree is not enough).
14:37 < sm> hey there alexj_ .. anything exciting happening with searchpath ?
14:38 < alexj_> i did a bunch of fixes to the code. need to update the site to reflect the functionality.
14:38 < sm> oh, i should just pull then
14:39 < sm> thanks
14:40 < sm> alexj_: I think for most of us "ordinary" web developers using happs(tack) is not comfortable. Something more like comfortable is loli on top of happstack
14:40 < jmcarthur_work> it's just unfamiliar to most web developers, is all
14:40 < jmcarthur_work> i wouldn't say any harder to learn inherently
14:42 < alexj_> sm: the biggest change IIRC (it was 2 months ago) is that searchpath now does time chasing.
14:44 < alexj_> sm: you can now have multiple packages in the map file for the same module prefix each each with a different timestamp.
14:44 < sm> I see.. the darcs repo url http://searchpath.org/searchpath on the site seems wrong
14:44 < alexj_> it will only use dependencies with older timesatmps.
14:44 < alexj_> hmm ok will check hangon.
14:45 < alexj_> moved searchpath hosts a while ago.
14:45 < Oejet> jmcarthur_work: You would have to understand Haskell pretty well at least.
14:52 < alexj_> sm: fixed repo availability
14:53 < sm> mch better, thx
14:54 < alexj_> Oejet: the goal is to make it a smooth experience for the typical haskell programmer.
14:54 < alexj_> haskell should be the big hump not happs.
14:56 < alexj_> sm: just realized I never pushed the changes because I hadn't documented them...
14:59 < Oejet> Haskell is the endless category one climb.
15:00 < dsfox1> lol
15:19 < alexj_> sm: now homepage has added advocacy for searchpath
15:21 < sm> alexj_: great
15:21 < sm> not to get too off topic here.. sp is cool but I think this text doesn't clarify where it fits in the cabal world
15:22 < sm> you mention tarballs, but I don't know what haskeller ever sees a tarball. I never have
15:22 < sm> it's either cabal install or darcs get or occasionally git
15:24 < jmcarthur_work> well, you get tarballs from hackage if you aren't using cabal
15:24 < jmcarthur_work> *cabal-install
15:24 < sm> that's true, I did that a few times before cabal worked. But now...
15:24 < jmcarthur_work> it happens if you are new and don't realize cabal-install exists
15:25 < sm> well, I think that's last year
15:26 < sm> but not to worry.. I'll keep using the awesome auto-recompile and think about the rest
15:48 < mightybyte> paulvisschers: ping
15:48 < paulvisschers> mightybyte: pong
15:48 < mightybyte> paulvisschers: Have you done anything with your formbinator library?
15:48 < paulvisschers> nope
15:48 < paulvisschers> haven't done much of anything lately
15:49 < mightybyte> paulvisschers: I'm here at hac-phi and I'm working with chris on their formlet package.  Would it be ok to use any of the code you sent me if we find bits that fit with what we're trying to do?
15:50 < paulvisschers> mightybyte: Fine by me, just let me know which parts so I can feel good about myself :P
15:50 < paulvisschers> let me check if I have a newer version
15:50 < mightybyte> Ok
15:51 < paulvisschers> I'm not really sure which version you have, so I'll send it anyway
15:51 < mightybyte> Ok, thanks
15:52 < paulvisschers> will you pm me your email address?
15:53 < paulvisschers> also say hi to Chris for me
15:58 < paulvisschers> mightybyte: Hello?
16:06 < Oejet> mightybyte: What are your plans for formlets?
16:07 < mightybyte> Right now we're discussing how to implement dynamically sized lists.
16:07 < chr1s> hi paulvisschers
16:08 < paulvisschers> mightybyte: Didn't we try to figure that out a bunch of months ago?
16:08 < paulvisschers> hey chr1s
16:08 < paulvisschers> so is one of you going to send me their email address?
16:08 < chr1s> paulvisschers: you can send it to me (chris@eidhof dot nl)
16:08 < mightybyte> paulvisschers: Yes, but I never did anything with it.
16:10 < paulvisschers> chr1s: I sent it
16:11 < paulvisschers> mightybyte: Yeah I don't think we actually had a solution
16:12 < paulvisschers> I think I did actually expand the code after sending it to you
16:12 < Oejet> mightybyte: How is that useful for formlets?
16:12 < paulvisschers> but it's still pretty rough
16:13 < paulvisschers> Oejet: Because you can then dynamically repeat forms
16:13 < paulvisschers> Oejet: For giving a list of dates for example
16:13 < chr1s> paulvisschers: thanks!
16:13 < mightybyte> Oejet: It allows you to have Formlet [a] that automatically renders, validates, and parses forms of [a]
16:13 < paulvisschers> chr1s: np, hope it helps
16:15 < paulvisschers> wouldn't it make more sens to turn a Form a into a Form [a]?
16:15 < Oejet> So when one date is typed in the field, is submitted, and validates, another field appears?
16:17 < paulvisschers> I think that that's what they are trying to figure out
16:17 < paulvisschers> but that could be one implementation, another could use javascript and an add button to add additional fields
16:18 < paulvisschers> the problem is getting the labels right
16:18 < Oejet> Do you have an example of this kind of interface somewhere?
16:18 < paulvisschers> I don't, not sure if chr1s and mightybyte have one
16:19 < Oejet> It is kind of hard for me to imagine, what it would look like.
16:28 < paulvisschers> I've given up on it because I don't actually need it, not sure how to do it in a user-friendly way
16:41 < mightybyte> Oejet: The use case I'm concerned about is with a javascript add button.
16:44 < Oejet> mightybyte: Ah, so DOM manipulation?
16:46 < paulvisschers> That's not easy, getting all the labels and buttons to behave correctly, especially with lists in lists in lists
16:46 < Oejet> The paper "An idiom's guide to formlets" calls client-side event integration with formlets "an open question".
16:46 < Oejet> *"an open-ended question".
16:47 < mightybyte> Yeah, it's a little less straightforward with the introduction of Javascript, but I think the basic use cases can be taken care of.
16:49 < Oejet> Formlets make my head hurt.
20:53 < mae> alexj_: still around?
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