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01:06 < mae_phone> yo
01:07 < mae_phone> har har, pretty cool, irc on my bb
01:07 < mae_phone> bwaahahahhaah
10:19 < qzip> is libghc6-happs-dev ubuntu package happs or happstack?
10:20 < qzip> can u say, plz?
10:20 < stepcut> happs
10:20 < qzip> thx
10:20 < stepcut> what dist of ubuntu are you looking for?
10:20 < qzip> last one, jaunty
10:20 < qzip> as i see, happs project is dead
10:21 < qzip> so how can i install cabal to install hapstack?
10:21 < stepcut> qzip: there is an unofficial build of the latest ghc and happstack for jaunty at deb.seereason.com
10:21 < stepcut> qzip: sudo apt-get install cabal-install ?
10:22 < qzip> there is no such package :(
10:22 < stepcut> qzip: then you need to download cabal-install from hackage, untar it, and do: runhaskell Setup configure && runhaskell Setup build && runhaskell Setup install
10:22 < qzip> thx for deb.seereason.com very much, exactly it is!
10:23 < stepcut> qzip: deb.seereason.com is actively maintained, but very unofficial.  If you use it, you may occasionally have to purge packages by hand to get things to uprade
10:25 < stepcut> it is certainly the easiest way to get the latest ghc6 and friends on jaunty at the moment though
12:28 < stepcut> mae: using the new happstack, I am seeing problems were images are only partially downloaded
12:54 < stepcut> hrm, I am getting the problem with fileServeStrict as well :-/
13:02 < stepcut> it looks ok in Firefox but not Safari. I think it is because we no longer set the Content-Length in fileServe..
13:09 < stepcut> hrm, or maybe safari has cached the bad version
13:25 < dcoutts> stepcut: it should always specify the content length, or use a chunked transfer encoding
13:25 < dcoutts> missing the content length is not allowed in HTTP 1.1 (it was ok in 1.0)
13:25 < dcoutts> iirc
13:26 < stepcut> dcoutts: I am not clear if the current code does that or not, it definitely zero's out the content-length at one point, but maybe it puts it back
13:27 < stepcut> I guess I could get curl to tell me :)
13:27 < dcoutts> :-)
13:27 < stepcut> looks like it does have the Content-Length header...
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