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02:51 < jekor> Does anyone know of any Haskell-y automated web testing tools, or at least something more appealing than Selenium? Because I'm looking for something for a project.
15:17 < Lemmih> Hiya.
15:18 < Lemmih> mae: Around?
15:30 < Oejet> Hi, Lemmih.
15:31 < Lemmih> Greetings fellow countryman.
15:31 < Lemmih> What you've been up to? You must have gotten a PhD or two since we last talked.
15:35 < Oejet> Lemmih: Heh, not quite, had some detours. Still trying to learn Haskell, though, and Happstack (and that whole web programing thing)!
15:36 < Oejet> It would be nice to not have to do it in the free time. :)
15:37 < Oejet> Lemmih: You have been quite active, I see.
15:39 < Oejet> Lemmih: Now you too are a Haskell guru. :D
15:41 < Lemmih> I wish I were a better guru. Hacking is still annoying difficult. (:
15:44 < Oejet> Lemmih: What libraries are you working on now?
15:45 < Oejet> Hm, or should I say "projects".
15:45 < Lemmih> I'm working on HAppS once again.
15:46 < Oejet> Heh, perfect!
15:48 < Lemmih> LHC is my favorite pet project, though.
15:49 < Lemmih> When I'm not working on HAppS, LHC is on my mind.
15:51 < Oejet> LHC sounds interesting.
15:55 < Oejet> Is there support for https in Happstack?
15:56 < Lemmih> I don't think so. You can use https through another http server, though.
15:58 < Oejet> I am trying to learn about OpenID, and I see there is a library for it in Hackage, but I could not find any example code.
22:22 < mae> Lemmih: hi
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