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00:00 < Oejet> Ford_Perfect: Stars at the beginning of a line usually means a word corection of the previous line.
00:00 < Oejet> *correction
01:06 < mae> hrmm
01:06  * mae finds the past conversation interesting
01:06 < mae> sendfile can scale to many many files
01:07 < mae> problem is ghc scales to only 1024 open fds right now (select-based impl)
01:07 < mae> tibbe (hyena creator) is working on an event library that will use kqueue, epoll etc
01:07 < mae> this way there is no arbitrary limit anymore
01:37 < Oejet> Then only the sky is the limit. :D
02:48 < mae> i mean, sendfile is great really
02:48 < mae> varnish, a really good caching server, uses files and doesn't do any explicit memory management
02:48 < mae> the file caching stuff in the os is pretty good
02:48 < mae> obviously if your state can fit in memory than this is even faster, but with large files it doesn't make sense to use that valuable ram :)
03:42 < Ford_Perfect> Vell mae there is only like 4mb of static files all else is dynamic generated, latency and throughput is what i need to optimize, so I can afford to use main memory for that ;)
03:43 < Ford_Perfect> BTW tried to find Cheetah, couldnt can you give link please?
03:44 < Ford_Perfect> also i should tell that each request is get request, and each response is 300-400 bytes JSON, I was hoping to get near wire speed
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