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20:27 < jmcarthur> heh, i just picked up my happstack-auth fork, tried to merge everything mightybyte committed since i last touched it, realized it was a lot of conflicts, decided to start over again with a more disciplined and minimal approach to changes, then remembered the reason i had delayed in the first place... migrations!
20:27 < jmcarthur> i guess it's time to try that again
20:39 < mightybyte> jmcarthur: Migrations aren't that bad.
20:51 < jmcarthur> yeah, i actually had most of that done before
20:51 < jmcarthur> but i recall there was one thing hanging me up
20:51 < jmcarthur> i don't remember what that was now
20:51 < jmcarthur> maybe this time it simply won't come up? :D
21:07 < mightybyte> Hopefully
21:44 < jmcarthur> ugh, my changes are so vast. it's practically a redesign. perhaps i should just start a separate project or something
21:45 < jmcarthur> i keep feeling tempted to play with the interface
22:00 < SubStack> please god do this
22:00 < jmcarthur> SubStack: you're referring to what i just said?
22:04 < SubStack> yes
22:04 < SubStack> I have found some of the happstack interfaces to be rather lacking
22:05 < jmcarthur> well, i'm talking about happstack-auth, not happstack
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