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19:41 < aavogt> mightybyte: so this formToM :: m Form xml m a -> Form xml m a?, will have its side effects run each time the form is generated?
19:47 < mightybyte> That would be the idea.
19:47 < mightybyte> But I don't know how feasible it is to implement something like that.
19:48 < mightybyte> It may be better to just convert the existing Text.XHtml.Formlets functions to ...M functions and reimplement the nonmonadic ones in terms of them.
19:54 < aavogt> it looks like that formToM function would be roughly the same as  m (a,b,c) -> (m a,m b,c)
19:55 < aavogt> which looks impossible to implement given that c, the FormContentType, ends up escaping the monad
23:22 < the_unmaker> ncie vid on youtube
23:22 < the_unmaker> hilarious the wya dudes starting bringing up alternative echnologies but not really offering good comparison
23:23 < the_unmaker> would have been interesting to compare prevayler, vs happs, vs seaside in gemstone etc.
23:23 < the_unmaker> and ur
23:24 < the_unmaker> http://technoninja.blogspot.com/2009/09/ur-ml-urweb-sml-webserver-web.html
23:24 < lambdabot> Title: technoninja: ur ml urweb sml webserver web, http://tinyurl.com/p2jnb7
23:24 < the_unmaker> also I know fox audience network fimserve uses prewvayler like sysem backed by berkeley db and somehow ibm db2
23:31 < the_unmaker> like they should have a new technology olympics
23:31 < the_unmaker> of some sort
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