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07:22 < Raevel> i'm trying to build happstack, but i get two errors (ubuntu 9.04, haskell platform 2009.2.0.2), http://www.hpaste.org/fastcgi/hpaste.fcgi/view?id=9327#a9327 , any ideas?
07:23 < Raevel> looks to me like hsp doesn't specify the correct dependencies, first of all
09:04 < Dunearhp> try: cabal list harp
09:04 < Dunearhp> I think it provides trhsx
09:05 < Dunearhp> scratch that
09:05 < Raevel> i have harp installed already
09:05 < Dunearhp> I think i'm talking nonsense
09:05 < Raevel> ok :-)
09:09 < Dunearhp> how about hsx
09:09 < Raevel> also installed
09:10 < Dunearhp> do you have your cabal binary directory in your path?
09:11 < Raevel> that's a good question, i'm installing on another user now
09:12 < Raevel> well, that was embarrassing
09:15 < Dunearhp> work?
09:15 < Raevel> yes!
09:17 < Raevel> thank you
09:17 < Dunearhp> by rights, cabal should really be putting binaries in ~/bin
09:17 < Dunearhp> the current location is just a pain
09:24 < gwern> Dunearhp: but it won't offend anyone and .cabal/bin is guaranteed to exist
09:24 < gwern> and where do you put lib/, share/ etc?
09:24 < gwern> Dunearhp: if it really bothers you, go add your 2c to the cabal bug report discussing this
09:26 < Dunearhp> I enjoy shaking my fist ineffectually, .cabal/bin is probably the sensible option
09:27 < Dunearhp> I just hate configuring my path in shells, every shell calls a different set of (sometimes overlapping) config files
10:13 < gwern> Dunearhp: really, all you have to do is edit the config file to put things in bin or whereever
10:39 < aavogt> has anyone managed to get file uploads with happstack to work while taking up a constant amount of memory?
10:39 < aavogt> ex. uploading a 50M file increases the memory usage by about 50M
10:40  * aavogt thinks this has something to do with using lazy IO
11:11 < dcoutts> Dunearhp: you can get cabal to put symlinks in ~/bin
11:11 < dcoutts> aavogt: sounds like it's something to do with not being sufficiently lazy
11:13 < Dunearhp> dcoutts: Thanks, didn't know that, I'll look it up.
11:46 < gwern> dcoutts: sure? it sounds to me like the not-returning-memory bug
11:46 < gwern> executable needs an extra 50M, grabs it for the file, and never returns it; top now reports the executbale using 50M more than it should
11:47 < gwern> although lazy receiving-from-network-and-writing-to-disk might be a work around I suppose
11:53 < Dunearhp> Well that was interesting, I uploaded a cd image to the gitit wiki on my local machine. Gitit slowly grew to 960 mb, slowly (much cpu thrashing). when gitit had received the full file, firefox suddenly blew out by 2.2 gig. lots of swap thrashing later gitit displayed "File exceeds maximum upload size." in firefox. then linux reaped back all of the excess memory and everything went back to normal.
11:57 < Dunearhp>   PID USER      PR  NI  VIRT  RES  SHR S %CPU %MEM    TIME+  COMMAND
11:57 < Dunearhp> 25614 Dunearhp   20   0  913m  22m  10m S    1  0.6 112:53.58 gitit
12:03 < gwern> what are you doing with an ISO in your wiki? neither git nor darcs are very happy with such large files...
12:04 < Dunearhp> just a test,
12:05 < Dunearhp> had it running in the background for evaluation
12:05 < Dunearhp> nothing in it at the moment
13:03 < Dunearhp> is there an equivalent function to staticserve that serves templates?
13:06 < Dunearhp> nevermind
22:37 < the_unmaker> what the happs?
22:38 < the_unmaker> on the craps!!!
22:38 < the_unmaker> lol
22:38 < the_unmaker> duuudes so how is it working?
22:38 < the_unmaker> been tested on 64G database?
22:38 < the_unmaker> anything larger?
22:38 < the_unmaker> opensolaris has no ghc package
22:38 < the_unmaker> we gota fix that
23:10 < the_unmaker> strongly typed
23:10 < the_unmaker> hmmm
23:11 < the_unmaker> paul graham
23:11 < the_unmaker> claim it seem
23:11 < the_unmaker> that strong type hurts exploratory programming!!
23:45 < Dunearhp> is that from one of his old essays?
23:46 < Dunearhp> I think I remember him saying something along those lines with respect to java particularly
23:47 < Dunearhp> he has a point, but it only partially applies to static typing, which gives you something in return for the loss
23:52 < the_unmaker> http://paulgraham.com/lispfaq1.html the bit about ML
23:52 < lambdabot> Title: Lisp FAQ
23:52 < the_unmaker> toward the bottom
23:55 < Dunearhp> I can see his point
23:55 < Dunearhp> but it can go too far, I've had to maintain too much perl to have any enthusiasm for the discipline of the average programmer
23:57 < Dunearhp> meaning their ability to apply it
23:57 < the_unmaker> heh
23:57 < the_unmaker> I don't know much programming yet.
23:57 < the_unmaker> bash
23:58 < the_unmaker> tried forth lisp even bit of smaaltalk n haskell
23:58 < the_unmaker> but didn't move forawrd.
23:59 < the_unmaker> happstack is fascinating tho
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