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09:48 < Dunearhp> has anyone got any links to advances examples of HStringTemplate?
10:57 < aavogt> Dunearhp: the blog has links to the original stringtemplate site (antlr something) which describe how to do conditionals
11:29 < burp> hm, any way I can debug print takusen sql queries, after takusen inserted the values from bindP?
11:31 < burp> jmcarthur: I guess you haven't used takusen with postgresql and a uuid field?
11:34 < burp> seems takusen can't handle that
11:57 < burp> ok CAST(? as uuid) does it
12:19 < jmcarthur> burp: no i haven't, sorry. glad to see you found a workaround though
12:19 < jmcarthur> i haven't with a uuid field, that is
12:20 < burp> ok
20:56 < dons> might be useful for IxSet http://donsbot.wordpress.com/2009/09/26/very-fast-scalable-mutable-maps-and-hashes-for-haskell/
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