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05:04 < SubStack> yay, my happstack has some sqlite in it
05:15 < Raevel> is this awesome (Y/N)?
20:28 < tehgeekmeister> in the blog example on softwaresimply, how does "update $ AddPost (Post title body)" know to append to the list in that example?  I'm using a simple Data.Map, as opposed to a list, for my first app, so I need to be able to customize that insert.
20:29 < tehgeekmeister> oh!  that's in part of the post i skipped.
20:29  * tehgeekmeister walks away head hung in shame
20:50 < tehgeekmeister> what does "Server error: Happstack not initiated" mean?  how do i correct it?
21:01 < SubStack> no idea, BUT
21:01 < SubStack> I just finally got a happstack app up under fcgi on the cheapest kind of dreamhost account
21:02 < tehgeekmeister> SubStack: i figured it out in the end, i hadn't done the necessary initialization of state
21:02 < tehgeekmeister> nice!
21:02 < SubStack> one sec
21:03 < SubStack> http://substack.net/
21:03 < SubStack> I would have been done a lot sooner were it now for happstack.haskell.org being down
21:05 < tehgeekmeister> yeah, i'm having problems now cos hackage isn't loading the hstringtemplate docs, which i need.
21:05 < tehgeekmeister> oh nice, what's this site going to be in the long run?
21:05 < tehgeekmeister> i dig the layout
21:05 < SubStack> blog and comics
21:05 < aavogt> blomics
21:05 < SubStack> precisely!
21:06 < aavogt> comlogs sound too serious
21:06 < tehgeekmeister> that is the perfect term
21:06 < tehgeekmeister> blomics.
21:06 < aavogt> looks like the LYAH tutorial, sort of
21:06 < aavogt> the style that is
21:07 < tehgeekmeister> i noticed that myself
21:09 < aavogt> I guess it's more a result of not having seen that style of images (something like from children's books) anywhere else recently
21:11 < SubStack> it makes my blog more rememberable I contend
21:46 < tehgeekmeister> SubStack: i suspect you're right.
22:02 < SubStack> http://github.com/substack/slackstack \o/
22:20 < jystic> SubStack, that's awesome, maybe i'll sign up for a dreamhost account :) I just moved all my stuff to nfsn hoping that I could try some haskell web development, but it seems that they only support it via cgi at the moment. Does anyone know if it's possible to run happstack under cgi? (even if it's slow)
22:21 < SubStack> well, it was entirely non-trivial
22:21 < SubStack> I'm using happstack-fastcgi on dreamhost
22:21 < jystic> I don't mind if it's non-trivial :)
22:21 < SubStack> nifty
22:21 < jystic> that's pretty cool
22:54 < aavogt> SubStack: you will document that process?
23:20 < SubStack> I'll try
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