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00:00 < performance> SubStack: are you teh guy that put up a happstack site on dreamhost?
00:01 < SubStack> it's true
00:07 < performance> kudos
00:09 < SubStack> using haskell for web dev really appeals to me after all sublime bugs I've encountered in very stateful code
00:09 < SubStack> rails is especially bad at surprising me
00:09 < SubStack> in a bad way
00:23 < SubStack> contained side-effects are pretty great
00:28 < performance> SubStack: can you help me write/ improve a tutorial for happstack ?
00:29 < performance> aimed at some one who is not exposed to other frame works or web dev in general
00:31 < SubStack> you could set up a wiki for that sort of project
00:31 < SubStack> or some similar technology
00:32 < aavogt> or this is the happstack-tutorial?
00:35 < SubStack> an illustrated happstack tutorial would be fun
00:36 < performance> actually the current happs-tutorial is awesome :) its self hosting
00:36 < performance> but i feel its not inviting enough to newbies :) so i plan to submit some editing changes to the first few pages
00:37 < performance> but my writing skills are still a work in progress :) especially compared to you and some others
00:38 < SubStack> a happstack choose-your-own adventure!
00:39 < performance> nice :)  Learn You a Happstack For Greater good :)
00:40 < SubStack> learn you a happstack for the greatest good for the greatest number
00:40 < SubStack> utilitarianism!
00:41 < performance> egalitarianism
00:41 < SubStack> deriving Eq
00:42 < performance> yeah and i hope a deriving Show soon too. so people can actually see it and use it :)
00:43 < aavogt> I think the writing is fine for happs-tutorial
00:44 < SubStack> speaking of which, it is presently down
00:44 < performance> as a newbie i found it gave me too much info at first
00:44 < performance> brb
00:44 < SubStack> the jump between the first part and the later sections is pretty large
00:54 < performance> yeah, but on the other hand, i love the fact that it is self hosting :) and keeps asking me to see the code
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