00:20:35 <happstackcombot> 16 Jan 00:17 - remove unneeded import GHC.IO.Device (Jeremy Shaw)
00:42:14 <sm> cool
00:43:26 <sm> IrcLog.hs:14:7:
00:43:26 <sm>     Could not find module `Data.Data':
00:43:27 <sm>       it is a member of the hidden package `base'
00:43:42 <sm> is next.. it might be a local problem
00:44:04 <stepcut> no.. what version of ghc ?
00:44:42 <aavogt> it could possibly be moved into syb??
00:44:51 <stepcut> it was moved from syb into base..
00:45:06 <stepcut> sort of..
00:45:17 <stepcut> one moment
00:46:13 <stepcut> http://www.cs.uu.nl/wiki/GenericProgramming/SYB
00:46:29 <stepcut> the section, 'Handling the 6.10 base split'
00:46:42 <sm> it's silly, I have base-, base- right here
00:47:54 <sm> maybe I need a newer syb
00:48:04 <stepcut> dunno, you shouldn't
00:48:13 <stepcut> are you using 6.10?
00:48:37 <stepcut> for >= 6.10, you shouldn't need syb at all.. but it shouldn't hurt either and is a simple way to make it work with 6.8 as well
00:48:39 <sm> yes indeed, 6.10.4
00:48:46 <stepcut> but I have only tested with 6.13 so..
00:49:01 <sm> I have a bunch of other cabal packages installed, but ghc-pkg check is happy
00:49:30 <sm> I am increasingly experiencing dependency hell with cabal
00:49:57 <sm> s/cabal/haskell packages/
00:52:34 <sm> ok I see.. with both base installed, it was picking base3, but we need >= 4.1
00:53:18 <stepcut> ah.. I figured depending on syb would make sure Data.Data was there on base3 systems
00:53:22 <stepcut> but maybe that is not the case
00:53:31 <stepcut> or maybe it requires a newer syb..
00:53:45 <stepcut> anyway, I don't care if happstackDotCom builds on 6.8 really
00:54:02 <stepcut> so I will change the depends to base > 4, and remove the syb depends
00:54:04 <sm> well that page says "a new module, Data.Data, has been created" (in base 4, I believe)
00:54:05 <stepcut> how does that sound?
00:54:22 <sm> that sounds good
00:54:43 <stepcut> right, I thought that maybe syb also provided Data.Data in some way for base3 users.. but maybe not
00:55:16 <stepcut> I guess if I want to be compatible I would depend on syb and import Data.Generics
00:55:32 <stepcut> which does exist in base3+syb and base4+syb
00:57:32 <sm> ooh.. each dev instance of the site tries to connect to irc
00:57:45 <sm> anyway, it builds
00:57:45 <stepcut> yes
00:58:02 <stepcut> that is an issue that I did not have time to resolve yet
00:58:11 <stepcut> the dev builds will also try to use the same irc nick
00:58:50 <stepcut> the fix is to change some defaults, and then have the live site override the defaults in debian/happstackdotcom-production-defaults
01:00:41 <stepcut> ok, I pushed a patch
01:02:31 <happstackcombot> 16 Jan 01:00 - depend on base >= 4, drop depends on syb. This means we officially require GHC 6.10... (Jeremy Shaw)
03:17:32 <McManiaC> fy faaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeem
03:17:34 <McManiaC> n