14:37:01 <mightybyte> stepcut: ping
16:23:13 <stepcut> mightybyte: what's up?
16:33:57 <mightybyte> More library version conflicts.
16:34:00 <mightybyte> This time with hsx
16:46:47 <stepcut> oh ?
17:30:12 <shapr> y0 stepcut
17:31:20 <stepcut> shapr: yo!
17:32:24 <shapr> How's code?
17:32:39 <stepcut> good!
17:33:03 <stepcut> working on a little DSL for doing web 2.0 fanciness
17:35:29 <stepcut> shapr: what are you up to ?
17:36:20 <shapr> Taking my first college class in fifteen years!
17:36:45 <stepcut> haha
17:36:51 <stepcut> any cute girls in your class?
17:37:03 <shapr> Trying to find a job in a very poor part of Alabama, I might be building websites, thought I'd check up on happs again.
17:37:12 <shapr> stepcut: It's an information security class, no girls :-(
17:37:21 <stepcut> shapr: :)
17:37:37 <stepcut> shapr: well, happs dead, but happstack is kickin' ass ;)
17:37:51 <shapr> Awesome!
17:38:24 <shapr> Has happstack reached anything like zope/plone yet?
17:38:39 <stepcut> ACTION has never used zope/plone
17:38:48 <stepcut> what do you wish it would do?
17:42:44 <shapr> I guess I just want some nice way of mixing web pages with code... what everybody wants :-)
17:43:39 <stepcut> one moment
17:44:14 <stepcut> is this what you mean by 'mixing web pages with code' ? http://patch-tag.com/r/stepcut/happstackDotCom/snapshot/current/content/pretty/Main.hs
17:44:31 <stepcut> for example, line 146
17:45:06 <stepcut> ircLogs, line 323 is a good example
17:45:18 <shapr>  Whoa, real inline html!
17:45:25 <shapr> er, xml...
17:45:29 <shapr> when did this happen?
17:45:45 <stepcut> a year ago maybe?
17:45:55 <stepcut> it comes from the HSP project
17:46:25 <stepcut> it's not part of happstack itself, though there is a little glue code in happstack now to make it easy to use
17:47:01 <shapr> Are there any commercial websites built with happstack?
17:48:38 <stepcut> patch-tag.com and noscrolls.com
17:48:45 <stepcut> and soon, seereason.com
17:49:18 <shapr> Is the patch-tag.com front page done with happstack??
17:49:25 <shapr> whoa, it is!
17:49:35 <shapr> Ok, I like it!
17:49:56 <stepcut> all of patch-tag is done with happstack
17:50:08 <shapr> That's impressive!
17:50:10 <shapr> I love it!
17:50:21 <stepcut> do you know about gitit?
17:50:47 <shapr> I heard about it, it sounds awesome!
17:51:08 <stepcut> the next hackage server is going to be done in happstack as well I believe
17:51:15 <shapr> Wow!
17:52:43 <stepcut> alas, the documentation still sucks :) But it is better
17:52:57 <stepcut> a lot more haddock documentation, and we have tutorial.happstack.com now
17:54:19 <shapr> I've been meaning to put an actual website up at scannedinavian.com, this seems like the way to do it.
17:54:57 <stepcut> yeah
17:56:08 <stepcut> if you want to use the literal xml syntax, I recommend copying the happstackDotCom project as a starting point.. there are some modules in there that have not yet been moved into the happstack upstream yet (but will be for 0.5)
17:56:24 <stepcut> namely HSP.ServerPartT() and HSP.Google.Analytics
17:56:48 <stepcut> happstack.com also includes an integrated irc bot ;)
17:57:22 <stepcut> http://patch-tag.com/r/stepcut/happstackDotCom/snapshot/current/content/pretty/IrcLog.hs
17:57:42 <stepcut> I need to split most of that code out into, Network.Irc.Bot
18:00:58 <stepcut> shapr: also, if you are deploying on ubuntu/debian the happstackDotCom project provides a working debianization
18:34:23 <shapr> stepcut: thanks
18:40:43 <mightybyte> stepcut: Hmmm, now I don't seem to be getting that error.
18:40:55 <mightybyte> stepcut: But I can't install happstack-facebook.
18:55:41 <stepcut> oh ?
18:58:19 <mightybyte> stepcut: Never mind.  I pulled the latest happstack head and it seems to be working now.
18:58:47 <stepcut> sweet
18:59:06 <mightybyte> Crap, now gitit won't build.
18:59:22 <mightybyte> quickcheck problem again
19:02:58 <stepcut> quickcheck should just stay at version 1 for eva!
19:10:02 <stepcut> bbiab.
19:34:44 <shapr> I like qc2, it has shrink!
19:35:54 <stepcut> heh
19:36:02 <stepcut> and coarbitrary is a separate class
20:06:49 <gwern> why does gitit need quickcheck?
20:07:06 <stepcut> gwern: to enforce the GPL of course!
20:07:13 <gwern> ?
20:07:20 <stepcut> gwern: :p
20:14:36 <mightybyte> gwern: It was actually one of gitit's dependencies that was causing my QC problem