01:00:10 <mightybyte> Anyone here seen an error like this?
01:00:31 <mightybyte> Unexpected method type: m_0 GHC.Unit.()
01:02:09 <mightybyte> ...it comes from a mkMethods call
02:09:56 <stepcut> I am guess that m_0 is a type variable
02:10:00 <stepcut> that isn't going to work
02:10:59 <stepcut> I bet we could turn happstack into the best platform for building BBSs ever
02:11:06 <mightybyte> lol
02:11:31 <mightybyte> The weird thing is that this error just started happening in my code.
02:11:37 <mightybyte> I didn't make any changes.
02:18:24 <mightybyte> ...and it's been working.
02:22:11 <stepcut> hmm
02:22:54 <stepcut> well, it really looks like one of the functions being passed to mkMethod has the type, m ()
02:25:16 <mightybyte> I have no idea.  I'm completely stuck on this.
02:27:31 <mightybyte> First I use inferIxSet to make a type called ScratchDB
02:28:04 <mightybyte> Then I create a Component instance for ScratchDB
02:28:13 <mightybyte> ...and then mkMethods to build my accessors.
02:34:39 <stepcut> I would comment out the methods in the method list argument to mkMethods until you figure out which one is causing the problem?
02:39:32 <mightybyte> They all cause it
02:40:05 <mightybyte> It seems that particular message is referring to the first one which is an update function that returns m ()
02:45:33 <stepcut> hm
02:45:46 <mightybyte> But when I take that function out, it gives a similar error for whatever the next function is.
02:45:47 <stepcut> that actually should be ok..
02:51:43 <mightybyte> Ok how?
03:01:54 <mightybyte> It's not compiling.
03:12:30 <mightybyte> Ahhh, figured it out.
03:12:54 <mightybyte> I had hidden the mtl package while building an unrelated package.
03:16:22 <mightybyte> Apparently transformers and monads-fd either have some slight differences or don't work because happstack wasn't built against them.
05:56:59 <stepcut> ah
10:28:43 <cheater> hi guys!
10:31:07 <rdtsc> Hi
12:03:06 <HugoDaniel> hi
12:19:44 <Muad_Dibber_> hi
12:37:38 <burp> hi
12:50:48 <HugoDaniel> anyone going to the hackaton in zurich ?
17:36:31 <stepcut> HugoDaniel: I am not
17:39:57 <rdtsc> it's so far away
18:27:50 <HugoDaniel> oh :/
18:27:57 <HugoDaniel> for me is about 300€ away
18:28:17 <HugoDaniel> which is about 1/3 of my salary away
20:39:05 <gwern> HugoDaniel: gosh. you could make more per year on amazon turk
20:39:09 <gwern> and that's saying something