05:32:09 <kamatsu> hi all
05:32:34 <kamatsu> I'm fairly inexperienced with happstack.state
05:32:51 <kamatsu> so I was wondering how it behaves with concurrent access
05:33:09 <kamatsu> if some thread A is writing data while another thread B wants to read the same data
05:33:16 <kamatsu> does it give B an old version? wait for A to finish?
05:35:06 <kamatsu> I want it to wait for A to finish..
05:35:52 <kamatsu> so, my current solution just has a worker thread that has a queue for all data access
05:36:00 <kamatsu> but this seems like it wouldn't scale too well
05:46:39 <kamatsu> ah, actually, couchdb looks like a much better fit for my application, anyway
05:46:41 <kamatsu> thanks anyway
07:38:31 <rdtsc> i'm interesting in kamatsu's question too
13:26:36 <cheater> hi guys
13:26:40 <cheater> how is happs doing today?
16:25:18 <stepcut> it waits for A to finish
16:30:57 <burp> yes, it does block
19:44:56 <aavogt> hmm, I think this is sort of a bug in formlets: if you pass a nonempty list to  runFormState, any forms that use MassInput end up containing 0 elements
19:45:36 <mightybyte> aavogt: I'm the maintainer.  I don't have time to look at it now.  I'll try to look at it later today.
19:46:08 <aavogt> this is due to generateListXml returning mempty when the lookup in the env fails
19:48:24 <aavogt> though you'd have to change the recursion there to add at least one form...
19:49:26 <aavogt> mightybyte: is this the most recent repo? git://github.com/chriseidhof/formlets.git
19:49:32 <mightybyte> Yeah
19:50:04 <mightybyte> There's another branch that has some new changes that I haven't had time to test and merge into master yet.
19:50:20 <mightybyte> You might try that instead of master.
19:53:13 <aavogt> where is that one? I see only master in that repo
19:56:05 <mightybyte> It's the remove-xml-monad branch.
19:56:34 <mightybyte> Should be in that repo.
19:58:16 <aavogt> hmm, am I doing something wrong? (I don't know git)  git clone git://github.com/chriseidhof/formlets.git; cd formlets; git branch # lists only * master
19:58:27 <mightybyte> git branch -a
19:58:54 <aavogt> With no arguments, existing branches are listed and the current branch will
19:58:55 <aavogt>        be highlighted with an asterisk.
19:59:27 <aavogt> misleading documentation. I hate git :)
19:59:29 <mightybyte> Use -a
19:59:41 <mightybyte> Without it you see all the local branches, but none of the remote branches.
20:00:14 <mightybyte> You should see something that looks like remotes/origin/remove-xml-monad
20:00:57 <mightybyte> If so, then run this "git checkout -b remove-xml-monad origin/remove-xml-monad"
20:11:08 <aavogt> hmm, I didn't get the helpful depreciation warning of inputM' because you changed the type
20:12:01 <aavogt> but I'm not sure there's a better way to make the change...
20:17:23 <aavogt> at some level the removal of   m xml  makes my code uglier... but perhaps it's best not to do so much IO implicitly
20:18:09 <mightybyte> We thought it would be better to take it out.
20:18:18 <mightybyte> More general
20:20:54 <aavogt> I suppose I could write with   Form (m Html) m a
20:22:28 <aavogt> but then there are going to be all these   (plug return)s all over the place
20:24:53 <aavogt> might it be sensible to provide a variation of   Text.XHtml.Formlets.Strict   to work with    (Monoid (m1 xml), Monad m1) => Form (m1 xml) m ?
20:27:34 <mightybyte> Hmmmmm...