11:40:18 <rdtsc> hi
17:29:38 <rdtsc> how to add downloads counter for the static file ?
18:29:18 <stepcut> rdtsc: do you have just one static file? or a whole directory full of them?
18:32:35 <rdtsc> stepcut: I have a whole directory
18:32:45 <ben> Do I understand happstack correctly in that the macid thing loads the entire application state into memory and I need to declare a new type for every field I might want to manipulate?
18:39:06 <stepcut> ben: the entire state is stored in memory. Not quite sure what you are referring to about a 'new type for every field'
18:39:26 <stepcut> ixset has a requirement a bit like that.. but that is not macid specific
18:40:40 <ben> Just trying to wrap my head around the template haskell things happening in the tutorial
23:06:28 <sm> hey all
23:06:59 <sm> I get a stack overflow when I run a hledger register command via web interface, but not at the command line
23:07:26 <sm> is it likely happstack is doing that when I try to serve a large page of output ?
23:08:28 <sm> like, about 450K ? around 200K seems fine
23:22:19 <stepcut> sm: it's probably not something happstack itself doing.. but something about the way you are generating the page..
23:23:40 <sm> hi stepcut
23:23:44 <sm> hm, I'm doing loli $ do  get  "/register"  $ command [] showRegisterReport
23:23:50 <sm> so going through loli and hack as well
23:24:08 <stepcut> what is the type siganture of command ?
23:24:20 <sm>  [String] -> ([Opt] -> FilterSpec -> Ledger -> String) -> AppUnit
23:24:58 <sm> I think appunit is a hack thing, which loli converts to a serverpart or so
23:25:20 <stepcut> hmm
23:26:02 <sm> I should probably try to simplify this
23:26:07 <stepcut> yeah
23:27:15 <sm> thanks
23:27:49 <stepcut> I don't think it is happstack that is causing the problem though, probably something in the AppUnit or loli stuff
23:27:56 <stepcut> or even the command function
23:28:15 <stepcut> something is probably doing a foldl or something
23:29:23 <sm> ACTION will come back to it
23:29:33 <stepcut> happstack is just taking a lazy bytestring and sending it over the network. someplace in the chain of turning your data into a lazy bytestring something is causing a stack overflow
23:30:42 <sm> ok
23:31:11 <sm> this is helpful, hopefully I'll solve it in next session
23:31:43 <sm> bye for now