00:32:57 <stepcut> mightybyte: any progress on the formlets stuff?
09:22:58 <Kori> You fucking niggers!
17:37:27 <rdtsc> I need help on macid http://hpaste.org/fastcgi/hpaste.fcgi/view?id=18474#a18475
17:41:07 <mightybyte> Your pasted code has the Version and Serialize instance stuff twice.
17:42:18 <mightybyte> Although that's not necessarily the problem here.
17:45:51 <mightybyte> I also see a discrepancy between the "Query ProgressState [Page]" in getPages and the "Query ProgressState Int" in the error message.
17:47:15 <mightybyte> Not sure what's causing that.
17:47:31 <rdtsc> oh, i did wrong paste
17:48:07 <rdtsc> there is a fixed one http://hpaste.org/fastcgi/hpaste.fcgi/view?id=18474#a18483
17:55:57 <mightybyte> The only difference is a comment.
18:01:25 <rdtsc> look at bottom
18:12:49 <stepcut> query GetPages
18:12:53 <stepcut> not query getPages
18:13:58 <rdtsc> stepcut: thanks a lot!
18:14:19 <rdtsc> it is so easy to mistake
18:16:31 <stepcut> :)
18:16:44 <stepcut> mightybyte: what the status of the formlets stuff? Is there something I can do to help?
19:09:21 <mightybyte> stepcut: I'm getting there.  Been distracted getting settled into a new job.
19:09:34 <mightybyte> ...programming Haskell. :D
19:09:58 <stepcut> :D
19:10:31 <mightybyte> The other day I got all my code building again, so I just need to do testing.
19:10:36 <stepcut> cool
19:10:52 <mightybyte> Migrating to the new formlets interface was pretty easy.
19:11:11 <stepcut> cool
19:11:49 <stepcut> once the new formlets is on hackage I can release my library that adds HSP support for formlets
19:12:24 <mightybyte> Ok.  I'll try to get that done pretty soon.
19:12:29 <stepcut> cool
19:13:26 <stepcut> I wrote an app that I want to use as a demo app for happstack 0.5, but it uses a bunch of little things that are not in hackage yet :) So I am slowly trying to migrate everything back into the real world
19:13:55 <Muad_Dibber> sounds like a step backwards then stepcut :P
19:14:14 <stepcut> Muad_Dibber: :p
19:15:42 <stepcut> Muad_Dibber: In my world, we have .debs for GHC 6.13 that work on ubuntu jaunty and karmic, plus ~100 other packages (mostly haskell) that are useful for haskell web development. But some of those libraries are patched to make them more useful -- for example, we added a Data instance for Text so we could use it with happstack..
19:16:08 <stepcut> it's nice.. but I think everyone should benefit :)
19:16:37 <stepcut> plus the more we get forked, the more work we have to do -- much better to not fork if we don't have to
19:17:08 <Muad_Dibber> probably I misread what you wanted to say
19:17:41 <Muad_Dibber> you are pushing the stuff you wrote into the realworld, right
19:17:44 <stepcut> yeah
19:18:29 <Muad_Dibber> I read it otherwise around, as if you were migrating your demo app to use stuff that already exists in the real world
19:18:39 <stepcut> heh
19:21:50 <Muad_Dibber> ACTION kindly apologises
19:21:52 <Muad_Dibber> :)