03:54:55 <mightybyte> stepcut: ping
04:38:20 <stepcut> mightybyte: pong
04:47:55 <mightybyte> stepcut: Formlets seem to work for me.
04:48:02 <mightybyte> stepcut: Have you tested it in your code?
04:52:12 <stepcut> mightybyte: let me ponder
04:53:09 <stepcut> those patches all came from the code we use, but we have not used that exact version
04:53:24 <stepcut> I could migrate us tomorrow though
04:53:56 <stepcut> I did some testing when I made the changes
04:54:25 <mightybyte> I think I've done enough testing to convince me.
04:54:40 <stepcut> I believe I tested all the functions as I merged them to make sure they still worked as expected
04:57:05 <mightybyte> Ok, I'll just merge it in now.
05:01:06 <stepcut> sweet!
05:05:14 <mightybyte> Ok, pushed.
05:05:32 <mightybyte> I don't have access to hackage, so I'll have to get Chris to do that.
05:14:03 <stepcut> I have access to hackage..
05:15:12 <mightybyte> To upload a new version of formlets?
05:16:48 <stepcut> sure.. the hackage security policy would make RMS proud..
05:17:03 <stepcut> unless it has changed, anyone with hackage access can upload any package
05:18:25 <mightybyte> stepcut: Oh, I didn't know that.  I assumed it was secured by package owner.
05:18:34 <mightybyte> Heh, that's kind of funny.
05:18:40 <stepcut> nope
05:20:04 <mightybyte> I guess I should request an account.
05:20:19 <stepcut> yeah
15:18:07 <gwern> stepcut: iirc, the security policy changed
15:18:14 <gwern> thanks to me :(
15:25:45 <stepcut> gwern: maybe they just *told* you it changed so you wouldn't do it again ;)
15:37:36 <gwern> iirc I tried
15:43:53 <mightybyte> stepcut: The new formlets is up on hackage now.
16:03:22 <stepcut> nice!
16:05:15 <mightybyte> Let the hackaging begin.
16:05:43 <stepcut> I am building it now
16:43:35 <stepcut> apparently I did already rebuild most of our code again the new formlets library, but the one library I didn't try exposes a bug :)
16:43:56 <stepcut> in Text.Formlet, it should export, Rect(..), not just Rect.
16:44:14 <stepcut> I am going to fix that locally, and make sure there are no other issues :(
16:50:20 <mightybyte> stepcut: Ok, I'll fix it.
16:50:33 <stepcut> thanks, sorry about that.
16:50:57 <stepcut> I'll let you know when I have everything rebuilt
16:51:14 <mightybyte> No problem.
16:51:21 <Muad_Dibber> If I can do anything to help you test stuff, just let me know :)
16:51:43 <stepcut> Muad_Dibber: sweet!
16:53:15 <mightybyte> Other than just writing code that uses the formlets library, I can't think of anything.
16:53:37 <mightybyte> I'd certainly accept unit test code for formlets.
17:02:07 <Muad_Dibber> I'll try to get around to it mightybyte :)
17:04:42 <sm> Muad_Dibber: and don't forget to write the docs :)
17:05:19 <mightybyte> Muad_Dibber: Oh, and how about implementing sharding for happstack-state while you're at it. :)
17:06:13 <sm> seriously, this will get no traction without a good tutorial
17:06:29 <stepcut> sm: that is why the new  formlets code is exciting!
17:06:33 <Muad_Dibber> I think you confuse me with some decent haskell programmer instead of a dropped out masters student xD
17:06:53 <stepcut> Muad_Dibber: you dropped out to have more time to study Haskell, right?
17:08:20 <Muad_Dibber> now that would be a good reason; though the real story is quit a bit longer :)
17:09:05 <stepcut> well, you can make it the real reason ;)
17:10:18 <Muad_Dibber> hehe itÅ› otherwise around actually. I'm hoping to start a project using happstack and haskell to step back in :P
17:10:30 <stepcut> even better!
17:10:42 <stepcut> do you have a specific project in mind?
17:11:27 <mightybyte> stepcut: I pushed the export change and a version bump.
17:11:43 <stepcut> sweet!
17:12:06 <stepcut> everything else seems to be building with that change
17:12:14 <mightybyte> I'll wait for you to test a little more before I push to hackage.
17:12:27 <stepcut> ok
17:14:29 <Muad_Dibber> yeah stepcut; but I'll have to talk some more with the professor before I know whether it (and I) is accepted
17:15:04 <stepcut> Muad_Dibber: is it a dating site?
17:15:20 <Muad_Dibber> no
17:16:00 <stepcut> ;)
17:18:42 <Muad_Dibber> you'd wish :P
17:20:55 <mightybyte> geekmates.com
17:22:34 <stepcut> heh
17:22:50 <stepcut> plentyofgeeks.com
17:23:09 <stepcut> adultgeekfinder.com
17:25:10 <gwern> geekme.com
17:25:51 <stepcut> mightybyte: ok, everything seems to build now and I tested two apps
17:28:45 <mightybyte> Ok, great.
17:32:43 <stepcut> once the new verion is on hackage I'll kick off an autobuild
17:39:21 <mightybyte> Hmmm, I've never uploaded before.  Is there a tool to create the .tar.gz?
17:40:53 <mightybyte> Ahh, cabal sdist.
17:43:19 <mightybyte> Ok, it's up.
17:48:30 <stepcut> nice
17:57:09 <gwern> and cabal upload
17:59:26 <mightybyte> gwern: Yup, found it.
22:34:49 <stepcut> mightybyte: looks like everything autobuilt ok