07:32:40 <Muad_Dibber> I haven't read anything anywhere about "controlling" layout with formlets; is that because I missed it or because there hasn't been anything written about it?
07:34:36 <aavogt> what do you mean by controlling?
07:34:58 <aavogt> you have two levels, the xml (or html) content and what you do with the data
07:35:06 <Muad_Dibber> like puting the inputfields in a table
07:42:51 <aavogt> are you using Text.XHtml?
07:44:49 <Muad_Dibber> I  think I should, using the table and tr/td function from Text.XHtml.Strict
07:44:59 <Muad_Dibber> I was just wondering if nobody else dove into this yet :)
07:45:46 <aavogt> yeah, you can define each form with      plug X.td
07:45:52 <aavogt> then on each row   plug X.tr
07:46:21 <aavogt> I think maybe the table elements also define monoid instances so you could maybe define each formlet as a cell