02:01:41 <st3pcut> toResponse :: Int -> String -> IO Response
02:01:42 <st3pcut> toResponse i s = do
02:01:42 <st3pcut>     now <- getCurrentTime
02:01:42 <st3pcut>     return $ Response i (header s _TextHtmlUTF8 now) (B.pack s)
02:02:04 <st3pcut> B.pack is not going to utf-98 encode the s
02:02:10 <st3pcut> utf-8
02:02:59 <st3pcut> you need to use the fromString from the utf8-string package
02:54:02 <McManiaC> stepcut: makes no difference, I tried both
02:54:13 <McManiaC> and it actually does
03:02:18 <sm> McManiaC: it's not based on, but can work with the hack interface layer
19:57:24 <asdf1> I encountered a problem when was installing HAppS, it said Setup.hs: "At least the following dependencies are missing: hslogger >=1.0.2", although I've installed hslogger via cabal install. Any help? Tks
19:57:37 <stepcut> hmm
19:57:48 <stepcut> what version of hslogger was installed?
19:58:08 <stepcut> are you install HAppS or Happstack?
19:58:37 <asdf1> ghc-pkg latest hslogger ==> hslogger-1.0.7
19:58:47 <asdf1> i'm installing HAppS-Util
19:59:23 <stepcut> did you install via, cabal install, but are trying to build HAppS-Util via runhaskel Setup.hs {configure|build|install} ?
20:00:12 <asdf1> yes. cabal install for hslogger, and did runhaskell for HAppS-Util.
20:00:50 <stepcut> by default, cabal install will install things to your local package directory (--user), but runhaskell Setup uses the --global package directory by default
20:01:14 <stepcut> if you do, runhaskell Setup.hs configure --user && runhaskell Setup.hs build && runhaskell Setup install
20:01:16 <stepcut> that should work
20:01:25 <stepcut> or your can just do, cabal install, in the HAppS-Util directory
20:01:55 <stepcut> and it will do the normal 'cabal install' stuff, but using the current working directory instead of downloading a package from hackage
20:02:06 <stepcut> is there some reason you are using HAppS instead of Happstack?
20:03:45 <asdf1> I'm new to haskell. Thanks u very much, stepcut!
20:04:49 <stepcut> asdf1: no problem. I would recommend you use Happstack instead of HAppS. Happstack is where all the current development is happening.
20:04:57 <stepcut> http://www.happstack.com/
20:05:12 <stepcut> http://happstack.com/download.html
20:05:50 <stepcut> well, you might be best off getting the code from darcs:
20:05:52 <stepcut> http://happstack.com/develop.html
20:06:20 <asdf1> wow. you saved me again :D thanks.
20:06:21 <stepcut> then run, ./bin/build-install-all.sh
20:07:19 <stepcut> if you get any install errors let me know and I will tell you the work around
20:08:12 <asdf1> thanks u. how i love this community!!!.
20:08:57 <stepcut> :)