07:16:35 <asdf1> I got this error when installing Happstack http://pastebin.com/d4e92cf7e . any advice please?
11:00:20 <asdf1> Does anyone here know how to fix QC2 problem when installing happstack-tutorial?
11:03:25 <Muad_Dibber> by installing the package manually asdf1
11:03:36 <Muad_Dibber> like, cabal configure, cabal build
11:03:40 <Muad_Dibber> instead of cabal install
11:03:45 <Muad_Dibber> I have to run, sorry
11:47:01 <rdtsc> and final step: runhaskell Setup.hs install
11:49:24 <rdtsc> asdf1: http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Cabal/How_to_install_a_Cabal_package
12:27:12 <asdf1> cabal: dependencies conflict: happstack-server-0.4.3 requires containers== however containers- was excluded because happstack-helpers-0.50 requires containers >= && <
17:22:23 <Lemmih> Is the happstack repo down?
17:23:24 <stepcut> :(
17:23:49 <Lemmih> Hm, I can run 'darcs get' but not 'darcs pull'.
17:23:51 <stepcut> works for me
17:24:05 <stepcut> :-/
18:19:41 <Muad_Dibber> did you get the patch i tried to send stepcut?
18:20:21 <stepcut> Muad_Dibber: when did you send it?
18:20:27 <stepcut> Muad_Dibber: and to where?
18:20:28 <Muad_Dibber> a few hours ago
18:20:39 <Muad_Dibber> darcs send on the happstackDotCom repo
18:23:12 <st3pcut> hmm, I don't see it
18:23:20 <st3pcut> I wonder what address that goes to
18:23:50 <Muad_Dibber> Hmm
18:23:52 <Muad_Dibber> Successfully sent patch bundle to: jeremy@n-heptane.com.
18:25:13 <st3pcut> hmm
18:25:22 <st3pcut> have you successfully darcs sent things in the past?
18:25:27 <Muad_Dibber> no :P
18:25:36 <Muad_Dibber> thats why I asked :D
18:26:49 <st3pcut> are you on linux?
18:26:54 <Muad_Dibber> yes
18:27:06 <st3pcut> do you normally use sendmail on that system to deliver mail?
18:28:05 <Muad_Dibber> actually I just use gmail these days, but I thought it was setup to work, let me figure that one out
18:28:39 <st3pcut> if sendmail is not working, you can always do, darcs send -o /tmp/the_patch.dpatch, and then just attached it manually to a message
18:30:40 <Muad_Dibber> I'll just do that for now and figure out sendmail another time :)
18:30:55 <Muad_Dibber> It's the right adress though?
18:31:02 <stepcut> sendmail is tricky these days because some many ISPs, etc, block port 25
18:31:09 <stepcut> yes, correct address
18:31:40 <stepcut> well, that is only tricky if you have a laptop that you want to work on multiple networks
18:32:57 <Muad_Dibber> which I have :P
18:34:46 <stepcut> got it
18:36:39 <stepcut> should they use, runhaskell Setup configure, or, runhaskell Setup configure --user ?
18:38:57 <Muad_Dibber> I think just configure did the job
18:39:34 <Muad_Dibber> maybe --user is better though
18:39:47 <stepcut> if people did, cabal install happstack, to install happstack, I think that ends up in ~/.cabal/, by default unless they specifically did, cabal install --global. But runhaskell Setup configure does not look at ~/.cabal unless you say --user ?
18:40:58 <aavogt> --user installs succeed if --global ones do, barring disk space issues in /home
18:41:51 <stepcut> aavogt: right. In fact, with out user it will fail if you do not have root access..
18:42:30 <stepcut> I think I will add the --user flag to the docs.. seems like the right thing for more people
18:42:30 <aavogt> one difference is with --user you need to extend your $PATH
18:42:35 <stepcut> yeah
18:43:07 <aavogt> though that might not need to be the case if you don't use any preprocessors
18:43:41 <stepcut> yeah
18:49:19 <stepcut> I'll just add,
18:49:20 <stepcut> <p>You may need to pass the <code><% "--" %>user</code> flag </p> to <code>runhaskell Setup configure</code> if you installed other dependencies in your user package config.</p>
18:53:57 <happstackcombot> 15 Feb 12:02 - qcerror ()
18:53:59 <happstackcombot> 15 Feb 18:40 - enable more verbose logging of irc until channel rejoin problem is figured out (Jeremy Shaw)
18:54:01 <happstackcombot> 15 Feb 18:52 - minor update to faq suggesting use of --user flag (Jeremy Shaw)
18:56:58 <happstackcombot> 15 Feb 18:55 - bumped version to 0.0.18 (Jeremy Shaw)
18:57:14 <stepcut> Muad_Dibber: sorry the site code is a bit of a mess.. not really a top priority for me at the minute though :)
19:00:15 <sm> Muad_Dibber: I see a lot of people having that darcs send problem lately. For troubleshooting you can also darcs send --to yourself and/or watch your mail server's log, eg tail -f /var/log/mail.log
19:17:23 <stepcut> updated!
19:29:15 <stepcut> thanks for the patch, btw!
19:37:02 <sm> stepcut: found my stack overflow bug.. it's in the regexpr lib
19:37:27 <sm> which I used to fix up some things I couldn't figure out how to do in HSP.. and turns out to be slow as well
19:37:45 <stepcut> :)
19:37:51 <stepcut> happstack vindicated!
19:38:09 <sm> absolutely.. I was testing HSP
19:38:29 <stepcut> is HSP vindicated too?
19:38:41 <sm> I was able to vindicate happstack for sure using hack.. got the same problem with the hyena and simpleserver back ends
19:38:52 <sm> HSP also is free to go
19:38:59 <sm> regexpr is being clapped in chains as we speak
19:39:22 <stepcut> :)
19:39:53 <Muad_Dibber> stepcut, well no problem for making such a mess of it xD
19:40:00 <sm> next time, instead of simplifying the buggy code from the top down, I might try reproducing it from the bottom up, sooner
19:40:16 <Muad_Dibber> My description isn't probably the best either, but unless somebody with better verbose skills put something up, I thought I might as well do it :P
19:41:40 <stepcut> Muad_Dibber: something is better than nothing :)
19:42:23 <Muad_Dibber> my thoughts :)
19:43:00 <Muad_Dibber> I had been looking at your other comment, but it seems like a nice exercise to do the webgen-menu-item-selected thing
19:43:31 <stepcut> ?
19:48:15 <sm> ACTION wonders how to represent &nbsp; in HSP ?
19:49:25 <stepcut> nbsp = pcdata "&nbsp"
19:49:36 <stepcut> or maybe, nbsp = cdata "&nbsp"
19:49:39 <stepcut> I can never remember which
19:49:45 <stepcut> then, <% nbsp %>
19:50:01 <sm> stepcut: thank you, great
19:50:23 <stepcut> I think it is pcdata
19:57:34 <sm> cdata seems to be what I want, the pcdata quotes it
19:57:43 <stepcut> ah
19:58:07 <stepcut> I would have tested before I answered, but my hsp install is currently busted
19:59:59 <sm> ack
20:00:08 <sm> woohoo! web ui feels much snappier
20:00:20 <stepcut> with out the regex thing?
20:00:30 <stepcut> why didn't HSP do for you ?
20:00:39 <stepcut> s/why/what/
20:00:46 <stepcut> .. that made you want to use regex?
20:00:46 <sm> back then, I couldn't figure out what you just told me :)
20:00:51 <stepcut> oh
20:01:01 <stepcut> yeah, HSP is a black art at times
20:01:02 <sm> so I gave up and used [NBSP] and fixed up with regex
20:01:17 <stepcut> and HJScript is blacker than black
20:01:24 <sm> ACTION makes a note
20:01:48 <stepcut> for happstack 0.5 I want to release a real demo program that shows how to do things for real
20:01:58 <sm> that would be great
20:02:00 <stepcut> I have the app written.. but it does not yet build with stock happstack
20:02:18 <sm> how about making that the website app ?
20:02:55 <stepcut> but I did get my Data Text instance merged upstream, and my formlets changes merged as well
20:03:01 <sm> great
20:03:17 <stepcut> so I think I am the blocker on everything else ;)
20:03:31 <stepcut> unless I need a syb-with-class instance for Text in syb-with-class
20:03:48 <stepcut> what do you mean by website app? happstack.com ?
20:04:50 <sm> yes.. I figure it's about the easiest app to understand.. and why not concentrate newcomers in one place. While helping update the site they can learn the latest idioms, and vice versa
20:05:25 <stepcut> the problem is that happstack.com is not a very technically interesting site
20:05:29 <sm> and when I say they, I mean me
20:05:44 <stepcut> it does not have user accounts, image scaling, forms, etc
20:05:53 <sm> speaking for myself, I really do not want interesting challenges at the start
20:06:06 <stepcut> right
20:06:07 <sm> it's already way too challenging to do the most trivial things with happstack
20:06:22 <sm> s/do/figure out how to do/
20:06:41 <stepcut> the purpose of the app I have is to have a single, but small app that shows how to do
20:06:59 <stepcut> most of the things people want to do, so we have a place to refer people when they want to see how to do something specific
20:07:16 <sm> and the site could acquire some trickier features.. but just my 2c
20:07:28 <stepcut> it is just one piece of the documentation puzzle
20:07:31 <sm> things seem to rot unless they're being tweaked every day
20:07:43 <stepcut> yes
20:08:20 <stepcut> the first thing is to get this app to compile against stock happstack/hsp/formlets/etc, because I don't want to document how to do things, when people can't actually do things the way I think they would like best :)
20:08:50 <stepcut> so once that app builds, I'll know that we have a solid foundation to start documenting
20:09:42 <Muad_Dibber> and then the fun starts :)
20:09:51 <stepcut> nah, the fun already started :)
20:10:20 <Muad_Dibber> true at that
20:11:15 <Muad_Dibber> well i'm only just starting to see the powers of happstack at all :)
20:11:26 <stepcut> heh
20:11:31 <stepcut> that is the problem
20:11:42 <stepcut> the #1 problem with happstack today is lack of documentation
20:11:56 <Muad_Dibber> I just blame that on myself, not on you guys :)
20:14:50 <stepcut> sm: hopefully features that raise money for happstack.com ?
20:15:07 <stepcut> s/raise/earn/