04:55:40 <pps> hello. is it just me, or is tutorial.happstack.com down?
04:56:59 <pps> I've tried it multiple times, but just seems to sit there and never load. I can see some of the pages in google's cache, but that's about it.
04:59:47 <shapr> Looks down to me.
05:00:45 <pps> Thanks.
05:57:05 <asdf1> except patch-tag.com, does anyone know some large sites (>1000 users) powered by happstack?
13:22:43 <dancor> so, what happened to happstutorial
13:22:46 <dancor> http://happs-tutorial.googlecode.com/svn/
13:22:55 <dancor> svn: URL 'http://happs-tutorial.googlecode.com/svn/trunk' doesn't exist
13:46:54 <dancor> ok the site moved to   - linux - console: Ctrl and forward-slash makes Delete
13:47:21 <dancor> nice
13:47:27 <dancor> moved to
13:47:37 <dancor> http://tutorial.happstack.com/tutorial/run-tutorial-locally
13:48:17 <mrtrac> dancor: you can get it with darcs - I think
13:48:23 <mrtrac> darcs get http://patch-tag.com/r/wchogg/happstack-tutorial/pullrepo happstack-tutorial
13:48:52 <dancor> thanks
13:48:59 <mrtrac> you're welcome
17:06:05 <Saizan> do you know if is happstack-facebook is likely to work?
17:08:01 <mightybyte> Saizan: Yes, it works.
17:09:49 <Saizan> thanks :)
17:09:58 <Saizan> now i've to find how to build it
21:53:12 <stepcut> Saizan: I can answer any questions about it