22:19:03 <solistic> compilation of happs-tutorial fails at src/Main.hs:28:36
22:19:12 <stepcut> what error ?
22:19:14 <solistic> Couldn't match expected type `ServerPartT IO a' against inferred type `[Char]'
22:19:28 <stepcut> where did you get happs-tutorial?
22:19:50 <solistic> from here: http://hackage.haskell.org/cgi-bin/hackage-scripts/package/happs-tutorial
22:20:14 <solistic> the happs-tutorial-0.9.3.tar.gz
22:21:20 <stepcut> the call to smartserver?
22:21:56 <solistic> yes (I guess)
22:22:31 <stepcut> smartserver comes from happstack-helpers -- perhaps you need different versions?
22:22:47 <stepcut> happstack-helpers is not part of the official happstack distribution, so I am not very familiar with it
22:22:48 <solistic> I'll try that
22:24:23 <solistic> can I tell cabal or Setup somehow, to use a specific version of a dependency?
22:25:19 <stepcut> cabal install package-0.1.2
22:26:59 <solistic> stepcut: this selects a specific version for the package, but not for dependencies of that package, right?
22:27:12 <stepcut> yes
22:27:49 <stepcut> you have multiple versions of a dependency installed, and you want to specify which one to use?
22:30:28 <solistic> yes, if it is possible
22:30:44 <stepcut> hmm, that is beyong my cabal knowledge
22:30:50 <stepcut> aside from editing the .cabal file
22:31:24 <solistic> so I'll just delete the other versions and try it that way
22:33:56 <solistic> stepcut: do you know where the source repository for happs-tutorial is?
22:34:31 <solistic> stepcut: s/source/git|darcs
22:35:27 <stepcut> i believe it is here, but I am not positive, check that the .cabal file has the rigth version, http://patch-tag.com/r/wchogg/happstack-tutorial
23:06:09 <solistic> stepcut: ok, got it to compile, that was a dependency nightmare
23:17:29 <dons> http://gitorious.org/ code to steal for patch tag?
23:17:57 <stepcut> ?
23:19:33 <dons> open source git hub code. maybe there's presentation code or some such that would be uesful for patch-tag