05:58:09 <azathoth99> happs!!
05:58:15 <azathoth99> dudes hows it going
05:58:25 <azathoth99> happs working nicely? or happstack etc?
05:59:46 <SubStack> happening happs
06:10:08 <azathoth99> can you get many dynamic pages a second as php?
06:29:23 <SubStack> depends on what you are doing and how you are doing it I would imagine
06:29:51 <azathoth99> yeah
06:29:54 <azathoth99> I guess so
06:30:02 <azathoth99> so you are a big haskeler?
06:30:16 <azathoth99> what makes you like haskell over c or ruby n al that?
06:31:28 <SubStack> the type system is really excellent
06:32:14 <SubStack> and you get the speed benefits of a compiled language with really powerful higher-level abstractions
06:32:29 <SubStack> and lots of great libraries to build upon on hackage
06:33:27 <azathoth99> sounds nice
06:33:49 <azathoth99> would you even build a commercial website using haskell?
06:35:51 <SubStack> you could, sure
06:36:04 <SubStack> I think a few people are already doing this
06:37:07 <azathoth99> how about lisp
06:37:11 <azathoth99> and forth and c
06:37:25 <azathoth99> did you ever compare haskell to them?
06:37:40 <SubStack> I haven't done any forth, and only a little lisp
06:37:55 <SubStack> but I'm not a fan of C for complicated stuff
06:38:16 <azathoth99> so the abstractions let you build complex things?
06:38:52 <SubStack> very complex things in a very structured, pure way
13:43:18 <McManiaC> how can defined where the state is saved?
13:43:50 <McManiaC> I tried startSystemStateAmazon but I get "Happstack-state has been built without replication support."?
13:46:22 <stepcut> McManiaC: you can do, runTxSystem (Queue (FileSaver "/srv/state-directory")) (Proxy :: Proxy MyState)
13:46:32 <stepcut> instead of calling startSystemState (Proxy :: Proxy MyState)
13:51:44 <McManiaC> what kind is MyState?
13:51:49 <McManiaC> *type
13:53:30 <McManiaC> oh
13:53:31 <McManiaC> nevermind
13:53:45 <McManiaC> the same as for startSystemState
13:53:46 <McManiaC> :)
13:53:54 <stepcut> :)
16:46:16 <dons> stepcut: i believe this might affect happstack, http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/3910
16:47:19 <stepcut> dons: I would guess it would.. though I personally do not make my happstack apps setuid
16:48:16 <mightybyte> Same here.  I just run them as root.
16:49:17 <mightybyte> Although the comparison to Python seems troublesome since Haskell is a compiled language
16:49:55 <mightybyte> But I guess RTS ~= interpreter even though it doesn't necessarily feel that way.
17:10:39 <dons> right.
18:22:24 <dons> so gitit might be at risk
18:23:26 <stepcut> seems weird to me to make a server setuid :-/
18:51:10 <dons> i think gitit runs as the user mostly. so likely not too many affected
19:05:09 <gwern> running gitit as root is madness
19:05:16 <gwern> it's had too many security holes
19:07:25 <gwern> I wouldn't run it as root even on a non-networked machine; I'd be worried about fileuploads among other things going screwy at some point, or the PDF / tmpdir code in general
19:12:18 <dons> are there people that run gitit via cgi?