00:16:08 <shapr> stepcut: nice improvements!
00:17:04 <st3pcut> :)
00:25:46 <McManiaC> stepcut: how can I run a "Query a b" in a "Query c d" ?
00:34:27 <st3pcut> McManiaC: why would you want to do something like that ?
00:34:41 <McManiaC> wanting to use Happstack.Auth
00:34:50 <McManiaC> at least considering it
00:34:51 <McManiaC> ^^
00:35:02 <st3pcut> where does Happstack.Auth come from ?
00:35:10 <McManiaC> mightybyte I think
00:35:28 <McManiaC> http://www.n-sch.de/hdocs/happstack-auth/index.html
00:36:15 <st3pcut> anyway, the answer is... you can't.
00:36:32 <McManiaC> thought so :S
00:36:47 <st3pcut> they are separate components, and transactions are limited to a single component.
00:37:18 <McManiaC> yeh
00:37:19 <McManiaC> ok
00:37:20 <st3pcut> you can write code that does: b <- query $ MethodInA  ; d <- query $ MethodInC
00:37:31 <McManiaC> yup
00:37:51 <st3pcut> they would be run as separate transactions -- so you don't get any promising that nothing changes between the two queries
01:19:46 <aavogt> McManiaC: cross module links are broken there :(
01:38:40 <McManiaC> aavogt: cross module links?
01:39:00 <aavogt> that page has links to ex: http://www.n-sch.de/home/nils/.cabal/share/doc/happstack-state-0.4.1/html/Happstack-State.html#t%3AQuery
01:39:13 <McManiaC> oh yeh
01:39:14 <McManiaC> hehe
01:39:40 <McManiaC> I just run "cabal haddock --hyperlink-source" everywhere and link that dist/doc/ directory to my www directory
01:42:29 <McManiaC> anyway, I'm off
01:42:32 <McManiaC> nightnight :)
01:43:33 <st3pcut> night
02:47:28 <shapr> ACTION fights gitit
13:37:36 <HugoDaniel> hi
15:15:35 <stepcut> hi