01:12:56 <aavogt> uploading an empty package means you break everybody that depends on it
01:13:18 <aavogt> better to upload a revision that marks all the modules as depreciated
01:13:32 <aavogt> that way people who care will see those warnings
01:51:00 <st3pcut> aavogt: that is what I was thinking
01:51:35 <aavogt> whatever it was trhsx that's an empty package is annoying
01:52:07 <st3pcut> I think hsx provides trhsx now, not sure what the trhsx package is / was for
01:52:22 <aavogt> but I suppose that an executable has less options to warn that it won't be updated anymore
01:52:42 <st3pcut> perhaps
01:52:52 <st3pcut> it could add pragmas to the output it generates ;)
01:53:14 <aavogt> perhaps to work around cabal files providing library and executables?
12:36:54 <dcoutts> stepcut: there is a mechanism to deprecate and point at new packages, but the user interface for it currently involves emailing Ross Patterson
12:36:54 <lambdabot> dcoutts: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
15:02:45 <shapr> Can you make a cabal file that requires the new package and that's all it does?
15:03:49 <dcoutts> shapr: in principle, you can re-implement the old api in terms of the new
15:04:01 <dcoutts> but I don't think we're looking for something transparent here