07:51:25 <bonobo> hej
07:51:53 <bonobo> cabal (or ghc) question: how do I force them to ignore version-hash of packages?
07:52:23 <bonobo> I'd like to change something in network and since everything depends on that package I'd need to recompile everything
08:48:32 <z1y> hello all, does happs follow MVC ?
08:50:02 <bonobo> zly: yes, happstack follows MVC
08:51:27 <z1y> woh, that's cool. MVC makes life easier.
08:52:06 <z1y> I am currently using Rails. I am just a #haskell newbie and that may be a stupid question :)
09:12:43 <bonobo> zly: it is not stupid, actually that is one of first questions I asked too
09:12:58 <bonobo> I also was using Rails, not checking out Happstack
09:27:35 <bonobo> I get this: undefined reference to `happstackzm0zi4zi3_HappstackziStateziClockTime_dataTypeZMabl7ZN_closure'
09:27:54 <bonobo> ClockTime instances do not link
09:38:58 <z1y> bonono: how about rails vs happstack ?
09:39:33 <z1y> I study programming languages in my free time. I learn Ruby for 1 year, and now I start with Haskell.
09:43:53 <bonobo> zly: so you have one year to go :)
09:48:19 <z1y> bonobo: :)
11:14:04 <HugoDaniel> hello
13:05:39 <bonobo> how to derive serialize instances for UTCTime?
13:20:08 <stepcut> bonobo: from the time library?
13:20:27 <bonobo> yes
13:20:37 <bonobo> the ClockTime does not link under windows
13:20:44 <bonobo> anyway Data.Time seems to be better
13:20:48 <stepcut> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/time-extras
13:20:49 <bonobo> but, how to write this out?
13:21:36 <stepcut> to start with you need the Data instances provided by time-extras
13:22:19 <stepcut> and then I'm not sure what.. but if you figure it out, I would like to provide the instances in happstack-data by default..
13:23:56 <stepcut> there are instances for ClockTime in happstack/happstack/<somplace>
13:24:01 <stepcut> but Data.Time is better
13:24:51 <McManiaC> stepcut: do you have to write migration instances if you change dependencies of a component?
13:26:20 <bonobo> ClockTime instances for some reason do not link under Windows
13:26:34 <bonobo> time-extras provide Data instances
13:27:02 <bonobo> how do I get around to do Serialize stuff?
13:31:22 <stepcut> McManiaC: you mean the, type Dependencies Foo = Bar :+: Baz :+: End, line ?
13:31:36 <McManiaC> jup
13:32:07 <McManiaC> my AppState is just "data AppSate = AppState"
13:32:10 <stepcut> bonobo: i think you just add a bunch of, instance Version UTCTime ; $(deriveSerialize ''UTCTime) type lines ?
13:32:11 <McManiaC> without typo
13:32:21 <McManiaC> not quite sure how components work tho :>
13:32:30 <stepcut> McManiaC: I don't think changing the Dependencies would involve migration
13:33:30 <stepcut> each Component gets its own section in the checkpoint file. If you add a new dependency for a component that did not exist, then it uses initialValue. If you drop a dependency, then it just ignores that section
13:33:44 <stepcut> if you *rename* a dependency, then it is a little bit tricky
13:33:45 <McManiaC> okay
13:45:41 <bonobo>  No instance for (syb-with-class-0.6.1:Data.Generics.SYB.WithClass.Basics.Data
13:45:42 <bonobo>                        DefaultD UTCTime)
13:45:44 <bonobo> what is this?
13:46:45 <stepcut> try, $(deriveNewData ''UTCTime)
13:46:46 <stepcut> I think..
13:47:04 <stepcut> that should create syb-with-class and Default instances
13:50:31 <McManiaC> SMTPClient-1.0.1 failed during the building phase. The exception was:
13:50:31 <McManiaC> ExitFailure 1
13:50:31 <McManiaC> happstack-util-0.4.3 depends on SMTPClient-1.0.1 which failed to install.
13:50:32 <McManiaC> :O
13:51:22 <stepcut> bah
13:54:33 <bonobo> stepcut: does not work... UTCTime inside is complicated
13:54:45 <bonobo> I'd like to convert it to Rational, serialize that way
13:54:52 <bonobo> Default instance is fine
13:55:06 <bonobo> DefaultD instance is something strange I don't get
13:57:55 <McManiaC> [ 4 of 19] Compiling Happstack.Util.Mail ( src/Happstack/Util/Mail.hs, dist/build/Happstack/Util/Mail.o )
13:57:58 <McManiaC> src/Happstack/Util/Mail.hs:58:4:
13:58:00 <McManiaC>     Not in scope: data constructor `Message'
13:59:13 <McManiaC> hmmm
14:00:43 <McManiaC> Message is no longer a "data" but a "type"
14:00:53 <McManiaC> oh hmmmm
14:00:54 <McManiaC> weird
14:13:46 <bonobo> how do I derive DefaultD?
14:31:18 <McManiaC> http://npaste.de/OY/ :>
14:37:04 <McManiaC> http://npaste.de/OZ/ that is the code which is producing it
14:37:24 <McManiaC> the use of "hattrs" in line 3 to be exactly
14:37:45 <McManiaC> (bad english :> )
14:39:55 <McManiaC> stepcut: any idea?
14:40:08 <McManiaC> I'm not that good with HSP :S
14:45:31 <bonobo> McManiaC: I did comment out that for now
14:45:45 <bonobo> I mean I entered: = undefined
14:46:05 <McManiaC> well yeh :P
15:16:16 <bonobo> why oh why Default instance need Data DefaultD instance? What is the point?
15:16:22 <bonobo>     No instances for (Default Day,
15:16:25 <bonobo>                       SYB.Data DefaultD Data.Fixed.Pico,
15:16:26 <bonobo>                       Default DiffTime)
15:23:03 <bonobo> I have no idea how to proceed
15:25:04 <bonobo>    Exception when trying to run compile-time code:
15:25:06 <bonobo>       derive: not a data type declaration: TySynD Data.Fixed.Pico [] (AppT (ConT Data.Fixed.Fixed) (ConT Data.Fixed.E12))
15:25:08 <bonobo>       Code: deriveData ['Data.Fixed.Pico]
23:10:46 <McManiaC> mightybyte: ping
23:17:34 <McManiaC> mightybyte: theres a pretty big bug in Happstack.Auth
23:17:34 <McManiaC> big as in "nothing works"
23:17:34 <McManiaC> not as in "much code"
23:17:34 <McManiaC> :>
23:18:17 <stepcut> >:)
23:49:14 <stepcut> hmm, serializing Fixed is a bit .. tricky