01:13:16 <McManiaC> http://www.n-sch.de/login.png =)
01:14:39 <stepcut> lol, I hacked your account!
01:14:53 <stepcut> I am now logged in as McManiaC
01:14:56 <McManiaC> hehe
01:15:00 <McManiaC> oh noes :>
01:19:12 <McManiaC> I love HSP :>
01:19:42 <McManiaC> http://npaste.de/Ob/ and I removed all the warnings from my build log :D
01:23:25 <stepcut> :)
01:23:35 <McManiaC> 19MB binary
01:23:36 <McManiaC> stripped
01:23:37 <McManiaC> lol
01:25:31 <stepcut> :)
01:25:36 <stepcut> gzexe ;)
01:26:12 <McManiaC> gzexe?
01:27:44 <McManiaC> The gzexe utility allows you to compress executables in place and have them automatically uncompress and execute when you run them (at a penalty in performance).
01:27:48 <McManiaC> :>
09:05:56 <bonobo> hi
09:06:05 <bonobo> how to get uploaded file name?
09:10:42 <bonobo> answering myself: lookInput
09:10:52 <bonobo> happs channel is soooo helpful :D
10:58:20 <McManiaC> bonobo: lol
10:59:06 <bonobo> McManiaC: I'm probably in the wrong timezone :)
10:59:34 <McManiaC> jup hehe
11:03:24 <bonobo> McManiaC: where are you?
11:03:54 <McManiaC> germany
11:04:47 <McManiaC> you? =)
11:06:14 <bonobo> sweden
11:06:21 <bonobo> hmm
11:07:00 <bonobo> Ich soll ein bisschen langer schlaffen nachste mal :)
11:15:28 <McManiaC> :D
11:15:37 <McManiaC> jeg lærer norsk :>
11:16:25 <McManiaC> so I understand swedish sometimes
11:16:25 <McManiaC> :D
11:34:26 <bonobo> jag lara mig svensk ocksa, darfor att jag ar inte svensk :)
11:35:07 <bonobo> McManiaC: are you versatile with RESTful apps?
11:35:15 <bonobo> I can't bend my mind over it
11:35:34 <bonobo> how do I create documents? with POST
11:35:52 <bonobo> but the, what if creation consists of many steps?
11:44:19 <Entroacceptor> bonobo: create with PUT, of course
11:44:33 <Entroacceptor> and what do you mean with many steps?
12:11:38 <McManiaC> bonobo: not quite sure what you mean… I use HSP with happstack
12:17:45 <bonobo> McManiaC: I'm not quitesure either
12:18:13 <bonobo> my point is the the document I get after PUT is kind of partial and its details should be filled in
12:18:47 <bonobo> in step1, step2, step3 and so on
12:18:49 <McManiaC> http://github.com/mcmaniac/npaste.de/blob/master/src/Paste/Register/Register.hs ← complete POST document
12:19:50 <McManiaC> 3 steps, registration, sending an email with activation key and activation with that key :>
12:23:54 <Entroacceptor> bonobo: how I understand RESTful stuff that should be a single step.
12:24:59 <bonobo> McManiaC: how does your controller look lik?
12:25:08 <McManiaC> what controller?
12:25:24 <bonobo> Entroacceptor: yes, in RESTful should be one step, although it seems to make more sense to split it in my case
12:25:42 <McManiaC> registrationControl = msum [ registerNew, registerActivate, registerMain ]
12:30:32 <bonobo> McManiaC: I see your code
12:30:41 <bonobo> I'll do it in the same way I think
12:32:22 <Entroacceptor> make a lib out of it
12:33:10 <McManiaC> its pretty straight forward once you got used to it =)
12:39:09 <bonobo> :)
13:05:20 <bonobo> there is a strong need for better docs here... I can feel it...
13:11:05 <Entroacceptor> and write that registration stuff into a user auth library
13:12:57 <McManiaC> mightybyte wrote a Happstack.Auth
13:21:49 <Entroacceptor> then why don't use it?
13:41:29 <McManiaC> I do =)
13:44:42 <Entroacceptor> now you got me confused
13:44:54 <McManiaC> lol
18:02:20 <McManiaC> does anyone here know how I can use conditionals inside HSP tag attributes?
18:02:43 <McManiaC> like <p (if True then class="foo" else id="bar")></p>
18:02:53 <McManiaC> (which doesnt work...)
18:27:51 <aavogt> something like <% haskell expression %>
18:28:24 <aavogt> maybe that works for tag attributes?
18:29:32 <McManiaC> nope =(
18:30:18 <siracusa> Has someone ever used Hakyll?
19:22:42 <JuanDaugherty> is it me or did a lot of stuff get removed in the transition from Happs to Happstack?
19:47:43 <stepcut> JuanDaugherty: such as ?
19:48:26 <stepcut> JuanDaugherty: there was actually a bunch of stuff removed -- but mostly stuff people shouldn't have noticed..
20:10:00 <JuanDaugherty> only remember more, not what and prepared to think less could be better