02:02:36 <stevenmarky> I'm confused.
02:04:28 <stevenmarky> I'm on windows, connecting to my local happstack, localhost works, does not, neither does my external address. firewalls are off, ports forwarded correctly
02:05:08 <stevenmarky> e.g. http://localhost:1234/lolcats.htm works does not, any ideas?
02:24:54 <siracusa> stevenmarky_: Yeah, I had the same problem, it only listens on IPv6 addresses. Try http://[::1]:1234/lolcats.htm -- I guess this will work.
02:30:40 <stevenmarky_> That did work, thanks siracusa
02:30:47 <stevenmarky_> how can I access from another machine?
02:34:41 <siracusa> stevenmarky_: Have you tried to access your domain? If IPv6 support is enabled, I can access normally with http://mydomain:1234/...
02:36:10 <siracusa> Only using Apache as proxy doesn't work for me.
02:38:41 <stevenmarky_> I only have an IPv4 IP address
02:39:44 <siracusa> Hhm, then I fear I can't help :-(
02:40:00 <stevenmarky_> thanks anyway
02:41:19 <siracusa> stevenmarky_: If you use a recent version of Apache, this article might help: http://huygens.functor.nl/blog/?p=21
03:04:04 <JuanDaugherty> ur kidding right?
03:08:12 <siracusa> JuanDaugherty: Huh?
03:08:25 <JuanDaugherty> about ipv6
03:08:40 <siracusa> I wish I would :-)
03:09:12 <JuanDaugherty> you mean you wish you were?
03:09:47 <siracusa> yeah
03:10:43 <JuanDaugherty> why don't they take down the happs site if it's defunct? Are the same people involved in happstack or is it a new group?
03:11:38 <aavogt> some of them are the same
03:14:39 <JuanDaugherty> i c
03:15:06 <JuanDaugherty> thing is i have to use this now, bummer
03:15:26 <JuanDaugherty> what a world!
03:20:57 <stevenmarky_> I'm trying a workaround
03:21:09 <stevenmarky_> I'm trying to compile happstack with IPV6 disabled
03:25:05 <siracusa> stevenmarky_: You have to compile network with IPv6 disabled since the problem is there!
03:27:15 <stevenmarky_> I'll try that later ( going afk )
03:29:01 <JuanDaugherty> network?
03:31:20 <JuanDaugherty> cabal install fails due to hsp
03:33:37 <siracusa> cabal install what?
13:56:22 <bonobo> hi
13:56:33 <bonobo> stepcut: have you changed defaultValue for IxSet?
13:56:37 <bonobo> where can I find changes?
15:05:25 <bonobo> hej, any happs@googlegroups.com moderator here that could let my mail through?
15:47:31 <JuanDaugherty> trhsx: Error at SrcLoc {srcFilename = "src/HSP/XMLGenerator.hs", srcLine = 63, srcColumn = 2}:
15:48:19 <JuanDaugherty> that's the error with which "cabal install happstack" fails
15:48:50 <JuanDaugherty> in response to "siracusa> cabal install what?"
17:33:45 <stepcut>  JuanDaugherty: I am guessing you have an out of date trhsx installed somewhere on your system (/usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, ~/.cabal/bin)
17:38:49 <JuanDaugherty> wasn't cabal update supposed to catch that?
17:39:12 <dcoutts> sadly cabal does not track versions of tools
17:39:13 <dcoutts> only libs
17:39:23 <JuanDaugherty> ah
17:39:36 <dcoutts> (at the moment, will hopefully improve)
17:40:58 <JuanDaugherty> well nixos will be my default base operating env going fwd so such stuff will naturally be taken care of there
17:42:25 <dcoutts> right
17:42:35 <dcoutts> nix does stuff properly
17:43:58 <JuanDaugherty> well you wouldn't promote (switch) a configuration unless it checked out and if there's a problem you can fallback
22:20:10 <happstackcombot> 07 Apr 22:18 - add work-around for missing syb-with-class symbol (Jeremy Shaw)
22:27:13 <happstackcombot> 07 Apr 22:26 - Bumped changelog to 0.0.20 (Jeremy Shaw)