11:39:33 <shapr> ACTION boings cheerfully
11:39:37 <shapr> Good morning #happs!
11:48:16 <bonobo> hej
12:14:38 <shapr> hej bonobo! vah händer?
12:14:47 <shapr> skriver du nån kod?
12:19:42 <bonobo> jag
12:19:54 <bonobo> jag har skrivit manga idag
12:20:49 <bonobo> shapr: och du?
12:23:07 <bonobo> how to convert darcs 1.0 repo to 2.0 repo? darcs conver does not work
12:25:41 <shapr> inte kod än
12:25:50 <shapr> har just vaknat
12:30:37 <bonobo> var ar du?
12:34:59 <bonobo> where is happstack tutorial repo?
12:35:10 <bonobo> if I wanted to change something there how do I do this?
12:38:54 <shapr> Jag bor i USA, i Alabama. Jag är Alabamsk.
12:38:56 <shapr> :-)
12:39:11 <shapr> Um, what do you want to change?
12:39:32 <shapr> Jag var född i USA också. Men jag bodde i Sverige flera år.
12:49:31 <bonobo> I don't know yet :)
12:49:44 <bonobo> I just feel the need to changes stuff here and there
12:49:58 <bonobo> maybe I should just clean my kitchen?
13:00:05 <shapr> Maybe so
13:11:07 <shapr> foozles
13:12:38 <bonobo> shapr: what is that?
13:12:55 <shapr> What's a foozle?
13:13:05 <shapr> http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=foozle
13:15:40 <bonobo> there are 6 meanings, which one is yours?
13:15:41 <bonobo> :)
13:15:59 <shapr> Not un-like shazbot, Foozle is spoken when somthing takes a direction other then the correct one. Mostly used in Computer Science classes when the output of code does not look at all like it should.
13:17:36 <bonobo> I thought we have more technical term for this: <xml/>
13:18:07 <siracusa> Has is something to do with the word foo?
13:18:35 <siracusa> is = it
13:19:11 <shapr> I think so.
13:19:17 <shapr> I use foo as a swear word, so foozle is a strong swear word.
13:19:20 <shapr> svarord!
13:19:34 <bonobo> sharp: )
13:19:42 <bonobo> how do I send email from happstack app?
13:19:56 <shapr> SMTPClient ?
13:32:21 <McManiaC> Happstack.Util.Mail
13:32:27 <McManiaC> or sth like that
13:44:16 <bonobo> and how do I make it send using gmail?
13:44:25 <bonobo> gmail uses TLS and SSL and passwords and stuff
15:41:22 <stevenmarky> you can disable TLS I think
15:41:38 <stevenmarky> disable encryption*
23:12:29 <burp> I just began to like formlets
23:12:44 <burp> now that I understand them ;-)