12:21:24 <sadache_> hello there
12:21:49 <sadache_> is there anyway to browse Happs source code online?
12:23:32 <sadache_> i mean for someone that doesn't have darcs
12:23:34 <sadache_> ?
12:39:33 <sadache_> it seems that there is noone there to answer me]
14:45:48 <bonobo> sadache_: there is hackage and source with docs is there
16:39:01 <bonobo> how to delete a cookie?
16:49:14 <stepcut> bonobo: one moment
16:49:58 <bonobo> addCookie 0 (mkCookie "mycookie" "") ?
16:51:03 <stepcut> yeah basically
16:52:50 <stepcut> maybe we should add a function for that ?
16:54:20 <stepcut> expireCookie :: (FilterMonad Response m) => String -> m () ; expireCookie cookieName = addCookie 0 (mkCookie cookieName "")
16:54:20 <stepcut> ?
17:01:07 <bonobo> I'll make a patch for this :D
17:14:17 <raymonvw> anybody succeeded in installing regular-web from cabal?
17:14:54 <raymonvw> oh I see now where the problem is; in the fclabels package.
17:18:28 <siracusa> stepcut: I would expect `expireCookie' to take a second date parameter and expire the cookie on that date
17:19:07 <burp> that would be expireCookieOn ;)
17:19:08 <stepcut> hmm, I guess I didn't like the name, 'deleteCookie' because it isn't exactly deleting it ..
17:19:24 <stepcut> but maybe that is ok, because people still think of it as deleting the cookie ?
17:19:59 <stepcut> people are going to be looking for a 'deleteCookie' function not an 'expireCookie' function
17:20:34 <siracusa> burp: Is there already an expireCookieOn function?
17:20:42 <burp> oh, dunno ;)
17:20:52 <burp> expireCookie with cookiename and date, and deleteCookie with just cookiename :>
17:21:23 <siracusa> Yeah, I think this would be more appropriate
17:21:42 <siracusa> Or expireCookie with a Maybe Date
17:21:52 <stepcut> the problem with expireCookie as written is that it also overwrites the existing cookie data..
17:22:24 <stepcut> we could do, expireCookie :: Cookie -> Data -> .., but that is just called addCookie :p
17:23:29 <stepcut> I think we could modify it though, to call getCookie and preserve the cookie data
17:24:52 <siracusa> So addCookie already takes a date?
17:25:32 <stepcut> it takes an offset from the current time in seconds
17:25:41 <stepcut> or -1 for never
17:26:09 <siracusa> Oh, I see
17:27:47 <stepcut> anyway, someone should submit a patch for deleteCookie
17:27:52 <stepcut> ;)
17:38:30 <bonobo> I did a patch for expireCookie :D
17:44:29 <stepcut> applied!
17:46:17 <bonobo> how about my patches to guestbook app?
17:46:35 <bonobo> Make server Ctrl-C safe?
17:46:47 <bonobo> and Make cabal build only executable and disable threads under windows?
20:03:19 <sadache> Am I free to use Happs stack source code?
20:03:50 <aavogt> the license is quite permissive
20:03:53 <sadache> I mean copy it, modify it and re publish it?
20:04:31 <aavogt> what kinds of modifications?
20:05:36 <sadache> random, I mean I want to experiment with Happs Server code
20:07:00 <sadache> maybe I will end up only doing libraries on top of it
20:07:31 <sadache> the problem is that there is nowhere on web to browse the code without downloading it
20:07:39 <sadache> and to experiment with ut
20:07:52 <aavogt> http://happstack.com/docs/0.4/index.html
20:08:31 <aavogt> if you follow links, you could get to ex. http://happstack.com/docs/0.4/happstack-server/src/Happstack-Server-SimpleHTTP.html
20:09:06 <aavogt> this looks like the option to browse the source code to me
20:09:37 <sadache> that's right, but it is very static, not interactive
20:09:56 <sadache> I am thinking of social coding
20:11:00 <aavogt> you've seen patch-tag.com
20:15:48 <sadache> yet can I copy to a different public repo?
20:16:17 <sadache> The liscense says so, but I don't want to offend you guys
20:16:42 <sadache> because I appreciate much work you've done on Happs Stack
20:18:58 <stepcut> sadache: on happstack.com there is a link on the bottom right, 'patch-tag project'
20:19:06 <stepcut> which takes you here:
20:19:06 <stepcut> http://patch-tag.com/repo/mae/happstack/home
20:19:14 <stepcut> you can think click on browse
20:19:49 <stepcut> the code is released on the BSD3 licencse, so you can just almost anything with it
20:20:07 <sadache> yes thank you, but what I want is to modify, and publish modifications
20:20:25 <stepcut> except pretend that we endorse your project
20:20:49 <stepcut> modfying and publishing modifications would be included under 'almost anything'
20:21:11 <stepcut> http://patch-tag.com/r/mae/happstack/snapshot/current/content/pretty/happstack-server/COPYING
20:21:17 <stepcut> see lines 4-6
20:21:21 <sadache> the thing is that I am comfortable using git and github, and I don't want by any means to conflict with anyone
20:21:45 <sadache> since I know some Haskellers are almost religious about using darcs
20:22:07 <burp> I love git
20:22:31 <burp> (but not github, somehow I'm jealous about it ;)
20:22:40 <stepcut> we'll I don't know what you mean by 'conflict'.. happstack is stored in darcs, and you can fork it an patch-tag itself if you want.. or you can import into into git, but then you will have issues if you want to sync changes later..
20:23:09 <sadache> stepcut: I am aware of that
20:23:24 <stepcut> I fail to understand what you are trying to achieve
20:24:20 <stepcut> you want to fork the happstack project and make it a git based project because you think that will get more contributors?
20:24:31 <sadache> easy, I want to experiment with modifying some things in Happs Server. First step for me is to fork it on Github
20:24:59 <stepcut> well, you can if you want..
20:25:05 <sadache> the thing is, I dont want anyone to be offended by the fact that I forked it on github
20:25:19 <sadache> my modifications maybe silly, and it is not the point
20:25:38 <stepcut> you can if you want.. not sure why you would want to, but that is your problem not mine :)
20:26:20 <sadache> stepcut: I dont think it will have more contributors, but since github is fashionable I dont want to offend anyone if people contribute their...
20:26:55 <sadache> stepcut: ok fine then
20:27:27 <sadache> burp: what do you mean jealous about it?
20:27:28 <stepcut> well, I don't know if I would be offended.. but it seems silly to split the contributions across non-compatible revision control systems simple because github is fashionable..
20:27:44 <stepcut> sounds inefficient
20:28:36 <sadache> stepcut: I don't know darcs, and I am very comfortable working on git and github (commenting, and interacting)
20:30:01 <aavogt> perhaps a better question is whether or not you know happstack?
20:31:44 <sadache> aavogt: why would I fork it if I dont know it? yes I do back in 2008
20:32:39 <stepcut> sadache: so you are going to fork it, and then never resync or send back patches ?
20:33:02 <aavogt> because you're focusing on how to fork, rather than what should actually be changed
20:33:46 <Zao> When in Rome, use the Roman VCS.
20:35:19 <sadache> I am thinking of doing a framework of mashups based on/inspired from Happs server
20:35:35 <stepcut> ACTION thinks you could have learned darcs faster than having this conversation :p
20:35:41 <sadache> stepcut: I guess not, my ideas is a change of focus
20:35:55 <stepcut> change of focus?
20:36:30 <sadache> Happs focusses on web applications, my ideas are focused on web integration
20:36:42 <stepcut> what is web integration ?
20:37:04 <sadache> mashup
20:37:24 <stepcut> and how is happstack useful or insufficient for mashups?
20:38:37 <sadache> I am not sure yet about my ideas, that's why I want to experiment with it first. Maybe I'll discover that libs on top of it would sufficient
20:43:04 <sadache> I see that few are unhappy with my idea
21:15:03 <HugoDaniel> hi
21:15:15 <stepcut> hello
21:15:43 <HugoDaniel> hey stepcut :)
21:15:44 <HugoDaniel> whats up ?
21:15:49 <stepcut> taxes!
21:15:54 <HugoDaniel> yehhhh
21:15:56 <HugoDaniel> likewise
21:16:25 <stepcut> I am trying to figure out how to report the distribution income on schedule k-1 if the partner also assumed liabilities that were greating than the distribution
21:17:40 <stepcut> fortunately, this is the last time! For 2010 everything is being handled by real accountants / tax preparers :)
21:18:09 <HugoDaniel> :)
21:18:16 <HugoDaniel> im planing on starting to use gnucash
21:18:23 <HugoDaniel> money is really boring
21:19:58 <stepcut> I have quickbooks, but like GHC, it's only useful if you know what you are doing with it :)
21:20:33 <stepcut> business accounting/taxes are mind numbing
21:51:22 <sm> bah  HugoDaniel ! what about http://hackage.haskell.org/package/hledger
21:52:10 <stepcut> ACTION is dubious of any accounting software that uses floats instead of Decimal ;)
21:53:08 <HugoDaniel> :)
21:53:40 <HugoDaniel> why are Double's usually prefered to Floats in haskell ?
21:54:44 <HugoDaniel> hledger seems very nice
21:54:52 <HugoDaniel> specially the web based feature
21:55:14 <aavogt> at least part of it is that there are some RULES  or SPECIALIZE  pragmas in base that exist for Double and not Float
21:55:20 <sm> I have been watching for a rounding error and haven't seen one in several years .. hence the switch the Decimal remains lower priority
21:55:42 <sm> s/the/to/
21:57:02 <stepcut> I wrote a decimal library for my wash-based accounting package, but it's not quite done
21:57:24 <sm> oh, I didn't know you wrote an accounting package stepcut
21:57:41 <stepcut> I did. It was never released
21:57:45 <sm> neat
21:57:50 <stepcut> I used it in house
21:58:02 <stepcut> then I decided that buying quickbooks would probably be better-- boy was I wrong
21:58:20 <sm> interesting, why not better ?
21:58:51 <stepcut> the government requires you to do FIFO or LIFO based inventory accounting but QB only does average cost
21:59:03 <stepcut> which is unbelieveably lame
22:08:09 <stevenmarky> I have a question
22:09:05 <stevenmarky> I've made an instance of ToMessage for Image from Graphics.GD
22:09:41 <stepcut> nice
22:10:11 <stevenmarky> Now I'm loading an Image from a file and want to return it as a response but it's of type IO Image
22:10:30 <stepcut> ok
22:11:32 <stevenmarky> I can't toResponse  a type IO Image, because there's no instance of ToMessage for that so what should I do?
22:12:09 <stepcut> do image <- loadImage

22:12:14 <stepcut> return (toResponse image)
22:12:21 <stepcut> or, liftM toResponse loadImage
22:12:30 <stepcut> or toResponse <$> loadImage
22:12:31 <aavogt> ServerPartT IO   has a MonadIO instance
22:13:20 <stepcut> yeah, you might need, image <- liftIO $ loadImage
22:19:35 <stevenmarky> Great, thanks guys.