00:17:55 <killing-joke> JuanDaugherty, thanks. :)
00:17:59 <killing-joke> kinda quiet in here.
00:18:42 <JuanDaugherty> yes, nothing since my last join almost 12 hours ago
00:19:09 <killing-joke> ah well
00:20:19 <JuanDaugherty> iirc, compared to frameworks in other langs happs/happstack fall short of a full deck of usability/practicality as a web framework
00:20:35 <JuanDaugherty> *falls
00:20:44 <stepcut> JuanDaugherty: in what ways?
00:21:03 <JuanDaugherty> but haven't really had a chance to look at happstack since it forked from happs
00:21:04 <stepcut> documentation is certain a big short coming
00:21:48 <killing-joke> i see a bunch of crypto functions. i am encouraged. :)
00:22:33 <JuanDaugherty> you sort of expect a web framework to get you up right away with a serious app building framework
00:22:48 <JuanDaugherty> the happs stuff was too low level for that as I recall
00:22:58 <killing-joke> i have been trying to make something specific with another language. i don't have the skill, and it didn't have the libs.
00:23:07 <stepcut> main = simpleHTTP nullConf (return "Hello, World!")
00:23:11 <stepcut> =)
00:23:35 <killing-joke> holy crap, batman
00:23:39 <JuanDaugherty> I guess it's just awaiting full featured app models built on it in the way the miriad PHP CMSes are built on PHP
00:23:56 <stepcut> ah
00:24:12 <JuanDaugherty> so make a happstack drupal or joomla and go forth and conquer
00:24:24 <stepcut> soon
00:24:48 <killing-joke> i will start several orders of magnitude smaller than that. :)   but i am starting now. GHC is building.
00:26:41 <JuanDaugherty> you're working on one stepcut ?
00:27:02 <stepcut> no
00:27:06 <stepcut> not yet
00:27:07 <JuanDaugherty> ah
00:27:23 <stepcut> there is some other internals stuff
00:27:32 <stepcut> but eventually it will be the only thing left to do ;)
00:27:34 <killing-joke> i guess it is one project to develop the functionality, another project to write nice docs, and yet again a third project to polish off all of the sharp projecting burrs and market the result to the world
18:35:35 <stepcut> bah, HsColour does not correctly identify function declarations when using bird-style literate mode
18:36:18 <stepcut> this saddens me because I need it to... and because I wrote the patch for identifying function declarations in the first place ;)
18:58:20 <stepcut> ok, sent a patch ;)
20:18:27 <stepcut> started another happstack tutorial, http://src.seereason.com/~jeremy/happstack-crashcourse/HappstackCrashCourse.html, not much there yet
20:19:22 <stevenmarky1> Great I'll have a look.
20:20:41 <stepcut> there is a darcs repo if you want to send patches ;) http://src.seereason.com/happstack-crashcourse/
20:24:53 <JuanDaugherty> thx stepcut
20:27:49 <stepcut> will be a while before it is anywhere near complete
20:27:58 <stevenmarky1> it's a good start.
20:28:27 <stevenmarky1> I'd like to see the following in a tutorial: how to handle requests to different urls with different responses (how to do multiple responses), how to serve local files, how to determine if a request contains GET and POST data and how to get that data.
20:28:38 <stepcut> yeah
20:28:54 <stepcut> I want to write it so that you can say, "I want to know how to do X" and just read the section on that
20:29:32 <JuanDaugherty> well there isn't really all that much you can do is there?
20:29:52 <stepcut> more than you might think :)
20:29:53 <JuanDaugherty> i mean besides arbitrary haskell stuff in a http request context
20:30:34 <JuanDaugherty> i look fwd to finding out
20:30:44 <stepcut> :)
21:58:07 <JuanDaugherty> i would be nice to be able to look at the patchtag sources